The Best Small Vape Devices to Buy

The Best Small Vape Devices to Buy

Even though we live in an era where bigger is better, this is usually not the case when we talk about vape devices. As you always want to keep your vape close to yourself, it is reasonable to choose a small-sized and compact device that you can put in your pocket or purse and use on the go. 

Still, many would think that vapes of modest size can’t answer the high demands when it comes to battery life and vapor production, but this is precisely why we wanted to cover this topic and change your mind. 

In the following text, we will present you with small vape devices that are both powerful and portable, so if you are interested in buying such a product and getting the most of it, we suggest you stay with us. You can always get in touch with our AP online vape shop experts and get the info you require immediately as our customer support agents will make sure to help you select the adequate small vape device that you can truly enjoy. 

Myle Vape Devices and Disposables

Myle is one of the most adored vaping manufacturers thanks to their innovative and high-quality products. 

Both Myle V1 and Myle V4 are extraordinary when it comes to design, tech specifications, and flavor, so you can’t go wrong with choosing any of those. They both come with the 240mAh built-in battery which ensures around 250 puffs, and the pod capacity is limited to 0.9ml. 

The main difference is that the V1 version’s pod supports 2% and 5% nicotine level e-liquid, while the new V4’s pod comes with a 5% nicotine level exclusively. However, you don’t have to worry about throat irritation due to the higher vapor intensity as Myle’s coils are one of the highest quality ones in the market. 

When it comes to Myle’s disposable devices, Myle Minis are still one of the most desired products and the reasons for that are many. Besides the fact that it allows you to draw more than 320 delicious puffs with a variety of 20 amazing flavors, it is only 3 inches long and it comes with Myle’s well-established anti-leak technology. 

If you are ready to save some money and supply yourself with these great disposable vape devices, check out our online vape shop’s wholesale offer and treat yourself with amazing vaping products for an incredibly reasonable price. 

Finally, we can’t go on without mentioning the rechargeable Myle Clip disposable device and its amazing 2000 luscious puffs. It is lightweight, compact, and comes with an ergonomic design, but its retractable mouthpiece is what truly makes it perfect for those who like discreet and small-sized vape devices. 

You Can’t Go Wrong with Puff

Puff has been one of the most respected disposable vapes manufacturers for quite some time now as they never compromise the quality and originality of their devices even when introducing new attractive features. 

From their hottest-seller Puff Bar which is still a must-try for anyone who appreciates a wide palette of flavors (25 of those), to mighty Puff Plus or Kado with the lower nicotine strength e-liquid and its 16 different flavors. Puff is well-known for its original nicotine-free e-liquids that are responsible for bringing in the best of the given taste without the impurities that regular tobacco comes with. 

Air Bar Diamond

This disposable device was one of the biggest surprises from Air Bar in the last year. Everything about it was executed just right – from upgraded design and battery to the extended flavor palette that comes in 22 different options. 

Air Bar Diamond allows you to take over 500 puffs from a single device, and you don’t have to worry about spills and stains as their advanced anti-leak technology is working perfectly well. It fits the palm nicely and the grip is secured by the extra layer of hard plastic which also keeps the internal components safe. 

Thanks to the premium cotton placed just beneath the mouthpiece, each flavor is intense and distinctive yet gentle on your throat, so if you are a fan of the MTL vaping experience where you can take substantial draws without the harsh kick, you’ll love Air Bard Diamond. 

Even though it comes with excellent features, Air Bar Diamond is one of the lowest-cost disposables in the market. Still, we strongly advise you to purchase it at certified online vape shops only as there is an epidemic of fakes due to their huge popularity. 

If you are a fan of Air Bar vapes, you may want to check out Air Bar Mini 2000 Puff Disposable Vape, too.


Looking for A Perfect Small-Sized Starter Kit? Try Smok NOVO

If you like to purchase a high-quality refillable pod system vaping device that will replace the tobacco once for all and let you get the same rush and satisfaction but without the smell, ash, and tar, the Smok NOVO series might be the solution you were looking for. 

SMOK’s classic that managed to indulge the wishes of millions of vapers around the world is surely the Smok NOVO 3. With the dimensions of only 88.3mm x 24.5mm x 14.5mm, it fits any pocket or purse easily, but still manages to supply you with enough puffs to get you through the whole two days thanks to its 800mAh battery. It is equipped with multiple features that keep the device functional for as long as possible, like a short circuit, 8s, and low voltage protection.

Its more unique and upscale version that comes with the small OLED that displays all the data about the device’s status is Smok NOVO X pod system. You can also adjust the desired wattage that runs from 10 to 15w, count puffs, and monitor battery life through this easily navigated display. Still, the functionality of both NOVO 3 and NOVO X remains the same, while you can expect a slightly upgraded vaping experience with Smok NOVO X.

We at AP Vape Shop are always ready to answer all your questions and help you select the most suitable vaping device, so feel free to contact us anytime. All the products that we keep in stock are original, fresh, and fully functional, and once you decide which one fits you well, we will make sure to deliver it to your address in the shortest time possible.
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