The Importance of Airflow When You Vape?

The Importance of Airflow When You Vape?

Even though vape devices may seem like tiny little gadgets you can have with you all the time, you should also know that making them is quite a complicated process. They are made using various components that are carefully put together in order to provide you with the best vaping experience.

You may probably already heard about parts such as batteries, tanks, and coils, but how much do you know about airflow and its importance? Many believe that vaping is very straightforward, and that it can become monotonous after a while, but that is not the truth. You can absolutely customize the way you vape, and one of the best ways to do that is by using various airflow options.

That is how you will be able to accommodate vaping to your liking and make sure to taste only smooth, luscious puffs. Today, we will give you an insight into everything we know about airflow, and why this is one of the features you may never take for granted!


What is Vape Airflow? 

The basic role of airflow is to control how much air you will actually pass through the amortized every time you are inhaling, expecting to get some high-quality hits. The best thing about it is that it is very controllable using a vape tank. That is how the air will go uninterruptedly from the coils to your mouth.

The best thing is that the majority of a bit more complicated devices have an adjustment ring on the tank, and using it you will be able to manually adjust the airflow to one you prefer-high or low. Based on the mode you use, that may completely change the way you vape, and that can make a huge difference in the puff quality you will receive.


Which Airflow is Better?

Again, we can not say that one is better than another because we are not sure what your needs are. That is why you need to know that a higher airflow will make your vape cooler. In that case, you will be awarded smoother and cooler hits, with less flavor, and less of a harsh hit, but more vapor as well, since the juice will almost immediately vaporize on your coil. Therefore, you will overall use less e-juice. During vaping with increased airflow, the clouds are going to be cooler to feel, which is something that many vapers prefer. Even though with this mode you will get less flavor, you will be able to ‘chase clouds’ easier, so if you are a fan of that, you know what to do.

On the other hand, we have lower airflow, and in comparison to a high one, you will get more flavor which will be richer and thicker. The throat hit will be harsher and there will be less vapor. So, pick the option you prefer, and set your airflow to the correct position. The best thing is that you don’t have to stick up to one option forever. You can change the way you vape all the time and make your vaping adventure a lot more interesting.


Which Airflow is Best for My Way of Vaping?

Recently, we have seen that vapers are choosing sides, and that is why they call themselves mouth-to-lung vapers, simply known as MTL, or direct lungs vapers, aka DL. Surely, both kinds want to have the finest vaping possible, and nothing can help them with that better than the airflow.

If you consider yourselves an MTL vaper, you may like more low, or as some like to call it, narrow airflow. That is how you will get a mouthful of vapor, and you will taste the warm sensation that is especially useful to people who have just stopped smoking and transitioned to vaping, since the basic sensation won't be terribly different. In case you are more DL type, then the opposite airflow is everything you have ever dreamt about.

Maybe you are new to vaping, and in that case, we advise you to experiment and find the airflow that works for you best. Nothing is permanent, so don't stress about anything, and enjoy some great-tasting aromas all day long.


What Is the Most Important Aspect of Vaping?

Overall, we would have to say that it is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to fully customize the way you vape since that is how each puff will be satisfactory. For example, with some simpler vape devices, such as vape disposables, you don’t have an option to set your airflow, and you will have to be fine with the automatized option. This is a great option for beginners, who don’t have to deal with some buttons, and figure out how they work. They are hassle-free devices, and after a while, you may consider going for something new.

Therefore, if you are a more experienced vaper, and you have been enjoying this activity for quite some time, then you have to try our devices with adjustable airflows. You will instantly feel the difference, and once you get used to this kind of vaping, you will never want to go back.

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