The Most Common Myths About Vaping

The Most Common Myths About Vaping

It is estimated that approximately 82 people worldwide vape, and probably that number will just keep on growing. It is a perfect activity for anyone who is on the hunt for a healthier alternative to smoking and still doesn’t want to say goodbye to nicotine.

But because vaping hasn’t been around for very long, people may still have some misconceptions about it and don’t know whether something they hear about vaping is true or false. That can be very misleading, and sometimes even people who want to start vaping are not sure whether that is the way to go.

So, one more time we are coming to the rescue, and we are bringing the most common myths about vaping you need to be aware of. This will help you approach vaping more positively and secure the finest vaping experience you may imagine.

For many consumers, it may be quite difficult to gather all the correct information, so get ready to finally get the needed knowledge, because with us by your side, that has never been easier.


Vaping is Safer Than Smoking Regular Cigarettes

This is one of the most common, and most spread myths about vaping. We have to inform you that it has been acknowledged that vaping is indeed 95% less harmful than smoking. Yet, that still leaves us with 5% which obligated us to tell you that vaping isn't completely safe, and that it may be still harmful to your health.

Nicotine is still part of vape devices, and this substance can affect your brain, your concentration, and your memory. But, if you are still looking for a way to quit smoking, but you are not ready to completely leave nicotine behind, then yes, vaping is for sure a better option than smoking.

We shouldn’t treat vaping the same way as smoking, that is for sure. But, still, even some people who are into vaping have a tendency to treat e-cigarettes and regular ones the same, which is absolutely wrong. The process may be similar, which may mislead people that these two activities are equal.


Vaping Isn't Addictive

Once again, completely wrong. We have already mentioned that a big part of vape devices is nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical. That means, that vaping is addictive, so before turning to it, make sure to think carefully about this fact.

After the first puff, you will want more, and somehow that can become a neverending process. The more you use nicotine, the more your brain wants it. So, don’t forget to bear this in mind when you start vaping.


You Are Inhaling Just Vapor Water 

Maybe it would be good if this were true, but no, this is yet another case of well-established myths about vaping. Your vape holds at least a dozen chemicals, and some of them may potentially be harmful to your body.

Sadly, sometimes on devices, we cannot see the entire list of these chemicals, which is why it is important to do thorough research before buying any product, and see exactly what ingredients are used for its making.

So, yes, what you are inhaling isn't just flavored water vapor, there is more to it. And that is why the next time you are eyeing a vape device, make sure to learn about it as much as you can.


You Can Use Your Vapes Everywhere 

Even though you can use vapes in more places than tobacco-based cigarettes, you still cannot vape absolutely everywhere you want. Some places strictly forbid the use of any vaping devices, so don’t forget to read the signs, and not break the law. Also, sometimes people around you don’t like being around vapers, so try to respect their feelings and not make some vape clouds when you are near them.

The good thing is that almost all vape devices are very portable, so you can have them by your side at all times, and just find a place where it is actually allowed to vape.  


Everyone Can Vape 

Surely this is not the case. Because when buying a vape device you have to be at least 21 years old in order to get the gadget you like. So, age restrictions are still valid, and they are crucial to respect. That helps keep young ones away from vaping, at least until they turn 21 when they have the legal right to start vaping and purchasing vape devices of their choice.

So, just like with anything else, it is important to follow this rule and make yourself and everyone else safe.


Vaping Is (Not) Expensive 

Surely, this varies depending on how much you actually vape, and how often you buy your vaping devices, additional parts, e-liquid, and so forth. Vaping is for sure not the cheapest activity ever, so make sure to do your math properly.

Not all vape devices cost the same amount of money, some costs more, some costs less, and when ordering one, make sure to choose the one that suits all your needs, since that is the only way to get your money well spent.

Also, don’t forget that vapes quite often go on sale, so make sure to visit your favorite online vape store from time to time, and try to save some coins whenever that is possible. Also, some devices, such as disposables, sometimes come in a bundle, which can also help you save some money. Maybe you and your friends can find some great deals, buy a few devices together, and end up paying less.

In the end, we would just like to stress the importance of safe buying. Not all stores offer genuine devices, and that is why it is crucial to make your purchase only at certified places. The one we always recommend is ApVapeShop, an online vape store, where you can find only high-quality products at the lowest prices.

So, as soon as you decide that vaping is for you, make sure to visit this shop, check out their huge offer, and start your vaping journey with the finest devices by your side.

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