The Most Popular Fume Disposable Vapes

The Most Popular Fume Disposable Vapes

The market for vaping devices is constantly growing, and new products are presented to us almost daily. On one hand, it is great to have an endless amount of options, but it can be also very stressful to find the device that will be perfect for us.

Luckily, there are a few manufacturers we always believe to deliver only products of the highest quality, and Fume is for sure one of them. The Fume family has some stunning products we have been using for years, and now we are here to tell you something about the best from the best.

Each device developed by Fume has a strong fan base, and vapors are constantly waiting for a new magical gadget that will be their new perfect vaping friend. So, let's see why these devices are among the best rated on ApVapeShop, and talk about everything they have to offer.

The Mighty Fume Mini 1200 Disposable Vape Device


Our first choice just has to be this super tiny creation. Firstly, we have to say that it has one of the most compact box designs we have seen recently, and because of that, users can carry it inside of a purse or pocket anywhere they decide to go. But, we won't let the size of it fool us, because believe it or not this mini item will reward you with approximately 1200 delicious puffs you can use anytime you like.

It has a 400mAh built-in battery, and when it runs off you don't have to deal with charging. You can simply toss it away and move on to another one. Fume Mini is pre-filled with 3ml of e-liquid and it contains 5%/50mg of salt nicotine. This makes it perfect for beginners but also long-running vapors as well. You won't experience any throat irritation, which is extremely important when talking about vaping devices.

This pod is so easy to use and it requires zero maintenance. You don’t have to deal with any buttons, because it will activate automatically as soon as you inhale. So, as soon as you receive Fume Mini at your doorstep, unwrap it, and start enjoying some great hits!

Lastly, we have to mention that this item is available in 16+ original flavors, so we are sure you will find the one that fits all your criterium. Some of our favorite ones are Pina Colada, Rainbow Candy, Purple Rain, and Lush Ice. Of course, there are some great more basic flavors, such as Iced Mint, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Fruit, and Double Apple. Add the one you prefer to your cart and get ready to taste some of the finest flavors available.


A Spectacular Fume Infinity 3500


We would fail big time if we don’t include this one-of-a-kind vaping device on this list. Fume Infinity 3500 is one of the best Fumevape creations, and it is for sure worth your attention.

Its unique box design is one of the first things you will notice, and we are sure you will love it. It will provide you with 3500 puffs, which is the biggest amount of puffs created so far. Just like with the previous product, you can put this one to rest once the battery runs off completely.

Fume Infinity comes with an already pre-filled 12ml tank. That means that you don’t have to think about refilling it and creating a mess. Because it has a very powerful 1500mAh built-in battery, this product is considered to be one of the long-lasting ones you can buy, which is pretty impressive. It can operate for over a week, which is for sure groundbreaking.

It will fit the palm of your hand perfectly, and because it features no buttons, it is extremely easy to use. So, if you have never used vaping pods before, this one is an amazing option. It is automatically activated when you inhale, and thanks to the newest rounded mouthpiece, each inhale will be the same intensity.

So, if you want to leave smoking behind, but you still don’t want to say goodbye to nicotine, Fume Infinity is just what you need. You can choose between 17+ spectacular flavors. If you are a fan of fruity ones, then you just have to try Double Apple, Strawberry Banana, or Tropical Punch. In case you are among those who prefer a menthol aftertaste, you should opt for Lush Ice, Lychee Ice, Peach Ice, Banana Ice, or Mint Ice. We have to give a special mention to our favorite flavor, Fresh Vanilla. Trust us, try this one, because we are sure you won't regret it.

The color of the device depends on the taste, so select the one that attracts you the most, and find out why Fume Infinity is one of our top-selling products.


Of course, there are much more Fume devices you can check out. Besides Fume Mini and Fume Infinity, we would highly recommend testing Fume Extra disposable device. It will provide you with around 1500 puffs, and it is very sleek and lightweight, which makes it a perfect pocket-friendly device. It comes in 24+ flavors, and among our dearest ones are Tangerine Ice, Cuban Tobacco, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Pink Lemonade.

Just like the previous products we have talked about, this one is draw-activated and comes with a pre-filled 6ml tank, and the nicotine strength is 5%. Also, Fume Extra comes with a bottom light-up design, which gives an extra touch of elegance.


As you can see, Fume devices are made to meet everyone's needs, and no matter how demanding vaper you are, you will for sure find a device that will fill in all your requirements.

We at ApVapeShop have the widest selections of products, so come, visit us, and find the one you want. If you need any help with selecting the device, get in touch with us. Our goal is to provide you with the best items of the highest quality, so we are here for you all the time.

You can expect to receive your chosen Fume ally at your doorstep on short notice and begin your unforgettable vaping experience straight away.

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