The Top-Tier Disposable Showdown: Smok Spaceman 10K Pro vs. Modus x Kado Bar KB10000

The Top-Tier Disposable Showdown: Smok Spaceman 10K Pro vs. Modus x Kado Bar KB10000

In recent months we have been witnessing a vast expanse of disposable vapes appearing on the market, and that can make our pursuit of our next favorite make additionally difficult. With each new release, brands claim that they have crafted the very best device out of them all, but sadly that is not the truth.

Since we know that the location of a high-quality device can be extremely challenging, we have been putting our best effort into trying out as many new products as possible and sending only the greatest your way. That is why today we are super excited to unveil the tapestry of disposable vaping with two extraordinary contenders: the Smok Spaceman 10K Pro and the Modus x Kado Bar KB10000.

Therefore, if these products haven't graced your collection yet, brace yourself for an extraordinary journey into the world of top-tier disposables, since we are about to tell you everything we know about these marvels. Once you are done reading, make sure to visit ApVapeShop, where genuine devices are waiting for you to add them to your cart. 


Beyond the Horizon of Puffs: The Power Play

When we talk about components that make a device perfect, we can all agree that the battery is the one that can make or break everything. The heart of any disposable lies in its power, dictating the way we vape. The Smok Spaceman 10K Pro is currently one of the most wanted products on the market, with an astonishing 10000 puffs, driven by the strong 800mAh internal battery. Embracing innovation, this powerhouse allows you to recharge and rejuvenate your device with a simple Type-C cable, ensuring not a drop of e-liquid is left unused. 

On the other hand, the Modus x Kado Bar KB10000 steps into the scene with an amazing 650mAh battery, offering an equally impressive 10000 puffs. This device is a true statement of reliability, assuring you a seamless vaping experience without the fear of a sudden interruption. 

What we love the most is that both devices sport intelligent light indicators, transcending the conventional and adding a touch of sophistication to your daily vaping sessions. The e-liquid indicators are there to help you keep up with the quantity of vape juice left in the tank. Battery indicators are specially designed to let you know when is the right time to put your charger into action. As you can see, people who stand behind these devices have given their best so that convenience can meet innovations, and help us have a vaping journey that requires zero maintenance.


Exploring E-Liquid Capacity


We know that when choosing their next vape device, many people pay close attention to the amount of e-liquid they will be getting, and that is why we are here to provide you with a bit more information about that aspect of this device. 

When it comes to the Smok Spaceman 10K Pro, its reservoir holds a generous 16ml, promising extended satisfaction with every puff. On the flip side, the KB10000 opts for a bigger amount, 18ml. Both brands use only high-quality ingredients when making e-liquids, so rest assured that the intensity of each draw will be the same and that you will be able to enjoy the finest vape production that will for sure exceed all your expectations.  Also, bear in mind that both devices offer a robust 50mg/5% of salt nicotine. This nicotine level is perfect for vapers with different vaping habits since it is not too overpowering. 

Experience Elegance With Every Inhale

In a world where aesthetics shares the stage with performance, both the Smok Spaceman 10K Pro and Modus x Kado Bar KB10000 shine as visual maestros, and this is yet another reason why we would recommend them to everyone.

The Spaceman 10K Pro looks dazzling with its unique print, and it becomes an ergonomic delight that is easy to use. When we talk about it, we have to say that it is notable that a symphony of sleekness meets function, making every draw a seamless experience.

If you opt for the Modus X Kado Bar KB10000, you will unveil a compact masterpiece, designed in the form of a chic box. Vibrant colors add a touch of personality without veering into extravagance, achieving the perfect balance between distinction and subtlety that you will for sure find very interesting.

User-Friendly Excellence at Your Fingertips 


We have all been using disposables for quite some time, and one of the reasons why we have them in our lives for so long is that they are made to deliver a fully hassle-free vaping experience, which we love! 

That is why we are sure you will be glad to hear that the devices we are talking about today are born from user-centric design and that they demand no initiation rituals. Unwrap, inhale and revel in the simplicity of draw-activated functionality as soon as you receive your device. This type of vaping should be for everyone, and that is why we strongly believe that giving these products a chance is always an amazing idea.

We also need to mention that they are made using anti-leak technology, so you can take them with you anywhere you go, and not think about spilling or making any mess. They are ideal for on-the-go vaping, and that is why we always have them by your side.


Incredible Range of Tasty Aromas 


Amidst the overwhelming aroma choices, the Smok Spaceman 10K Pro and Modus x Kado Bar KB10000 rise as curators of a refined selection. When ordering the first device you will have an opportunity to choose from 10 aromas, while the other one is available in 12. Both collections are created with great attention to detail, so no matter what your preferred choice is, rest assured that these devices have something for everyone!


As soon as you make up your mind, and decide which device is more up to your alley, visit ApVapeShop and get a hold of an original device. 

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