Tips for Cleaning Vape Coils

Tips for Cleaning Vape Coils

Whether you are using the vaping device with replaceable or rebuildable coils, keeping them clean will not only improve the whole vaping experience but also prolong the device’s life and save you money in the long run. Still, to be sure that you’ve performed the cleaning properly, you should first know which type of coil your device has and then go for the adequate option for cleaning.  

Before we dive deeper, let us just explain what exactly the coils are and what is their main purpose. So, the coils are responsible for turning the power from the battery into heat which is then used to turn e-liquid into vapor. There are two main components in the coil – the wire and the absorbent wick. The wire creates heat, and the wick absorbs the e-liquid from the tank and keeps it soaked and ready to vaporize. In short, that’s about it but if you wish to learn more, you can always contact our Ap Vape Shop experts and ask any questions you like. We can also help you select the adequate coil for your vaping device. 

The cleaning process isn’t too tricky, yet it requires certain guidelines to avoid damaging the element and losing money and time. This is precisely why we are here today, so stay with us since we will provide you with some useful expert tips on how to clean your vape coils. 

Cleaning the Replaceable Coils 

Replaceable coils can be separated into two major groups – MTL and DTL coils. The first one is very popular amongst beginners since they offer a similar experience as cigarettes without too much vapor, while the second option is also known as the sub-ohm coil, and it produces massive clouds thanks to the draw which goes directly to the lungs. Regardless of the type, if you chain vape or are using highly sweetened e-liquids, the crust will form faster and it should be removed on time to avoid causing severe damage to the coil.

Regardless of the type, the cleaning process is the same. If you notice that burnt taste, it is probably time to clean the coil, and besides using the clean water, you can soak the coil in ethanol. Ethanol is a more favorable option since it is more effective, and you don’t have to wait for the water to evaporate from the wick before usage. All you need to do is let it soak for a few hours, and then rinse it under the tap water. You can also use some distilled water to rinse the coil for the last time. In case you don’t have access to ethanol, you can also use vodka or vinegar for the same purpose. 

Still, if you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait for a few hours, you can use a plain cotton swab, dip it into the vinegar or ethanol, and clean the coil easily within a few minutes. This is effective only if the coil is not too dirty, but gunkier, and this process will certainly prolong the coil’s life and enhance the vaping experience. 

How to Clean Rebuildable Coils?

Rebuildable coils are a bit more difficult to maintain, but they also offer better vapor production and flavor delivery. They are often customizable as you can pick the exact resistance and use the metal of your choice, and they are an integrated part of the advanced atomizers. 

The first step includes removing the coils, so you can dry burn them which will help the coils restore their previous quality. Once you remove the coils, you can click the fire button a few times, and once the liquid is drained, you will let the device cool down and then add the wicks back. 

For coils that require more thorough cleaning, you will perform the aforementioned dry burn and then remove the atomizer from the mod. Then, you will put it under the running water and use some soft brush like a toothbrush and clean them gently. After you are done scrubbing, you will rinse it once again and repeat the dry burn process to dry out the remaining water droplets. After this, your coil is as good as new!

How To Know When Is the Time to Replace the Coil?

There is a point where even the most detailed cleaning will not do the work since the coil simply needs to be replaced. 

One of the most common signs is hearing the gurgling sound when you’re vaping. It could indicate a more severe problem with the other internal component, but in most cases, it is the coil. The unpleasant burnt taste in our mouths is another sign that the coil should be replaced, just like if the e-liquid taste is dull or simply strange. 

Like everything else, the coils have their lifespan. They can last anywhere from a few days up to two weeks depending on your vaping habit and the contents of VG and PG in your liquids. If the coil has changed the color permanently and the taste is burnt even after the cleaning, you should simply replace the coil and ensure yourself the convenient and safe vaping experience which you deserve. 

We at Ap Vape Shop offer various replacement coils and guarantee their authenticity and quality. Among our offers, you can find Vaporesso GTX-2 mesh replacement coil that comes in a pack of 5, Uwell Caliburn G 2 replacement 0.8ohm coils with 4 pieces in the pack which is compatible with one of the Uwell’s bestselling pod systems – Uwell Caliburn G Pod, and many more. 

Feel free to contact us now in case you need any additional information since our customer representatives are standing at your service always and will gladly help you select the best possible option for you. In case you are looking for other vaping products, we offer a huge selection of the finest disposables, e-liquids, nic salts, vaping accessories, and many more, so check out our offer now and see for yourself why we are an adult America’s nr.1 vaping store!

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