Top Devices for Warmer Days

Top Devices for Warmer Days

Long and cold winter is finally behind us, and we can all breathe easier. And each new season means just one thing. New disposable devices waiting for us to try them out. There is nothing better than getting your hand on a brand-new product and testing it out. That is how we can discover innovative aromas and excite our taste buds with something completely unexpected. 

Today we will give you a closer look at a few of our recent favorites we think you really need to try out. They are remarkable options for warm days that are finally here, especially because they are all available in some unprecedented menthol-based flavors that can cool us down with every single puff!

Choose the Mode You Love Best

When it comes to recent trends, we have noticed that many brands are going above and beyond to treat us to some innovative features and elevate our vaping to new heights. For a very long time, we haven’t been impressed by the brand's creativity, but it seems that our praises have finally been listened to, and now we can enjoy true vape marvels, such as Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K. It looks incredible, it performs even better, so, what more can we want? Not to mention that its range of flavors is one of the best ones we have seen recently.

It is very tricky to choose the very best aromas since each one of us has different preferences, but the one we think that the majority of vapers would love, even the most demanding ones, is called Cool Mint. It is the ultimate refreshing choice, and with each draw you take you would feel instantly rejuvenated. Also, the name of Strawberry Summertime speaks for itself and now is the best time to grab it and give it a puff. 

When using this disposable, you will have an opportunity to select one of three modes and customize your vaping experience even more that way. Regular, boost, and turbo modes are your options, so picking the one that suits you the best would be a piece of cake.

Taste Of Your Favorite Beverage 

When we think about which new device to start using, one of the most important things is the selection of aromas. For us, it is all about the quality and not the quantity, so we would rather pick a disposable that offers 5 original flavors, than the one that is available in dozens of same old ones. What we love about vaping is the versatility it brings to the table, and we can experience that the best by trying out new aromas.

That is why we absolutely love iJoy Bar SD22000 which has managed to evoke some great memories with just a few hits. Some of the flavors we love the best are reminiscent of some much-loved beverages and we adore going back to them from time to time.

The one we have to have by your side at all times is called Colombian Coffee Ice, and believe us, it tastes better than it sounds. This icy treat will awaken all of your senses, and transport you to the vibrant coffee plantation of Columbia. Who needs a plane ticket, when some of the world’s most beautiful countries are just a puff away?

Also, we cannot forget to mention the magnificent Iced Peach Colada. It is an exceptional symphony of succulent peaches which harmonize perfectly with creamy coconut, and it will take you straight to the sun-kissed shores. You will simply feel the warmth of summer evolving as you indulge in this unique aroma.

Fruity Notes with a Pinch of Mint 

We can say with great certainty that a lot of vapers cannot imagine spending their day without taking pleasure in some flavors that combine some fruity notes and freshens of mint. But, somehow, it can be extremely difficult to find some amazing choices, but luckily there is the latest Arc DC16000 Puff that comes to the rescue.

The very first aroma we need to mention is Watermelon Ice, and its quality never stops to amaze us. It embodies the essence of everyone's favorite season in its purest form. With each puff, you will feel the refreshing sensation wash over you, just like a gentle breeze. 

Another impeccably crafted flavor is called Juicy Peach Ice. It is a tantalizing concoction that reminds us of the charm of a calm afternoon. It is a true testament to the art of flavor mastery, and it will draw you in with its irresistible allure and promising escape from the heat.

Get Ready to Fall In Love at the First Puff   

This list would be incomplete without the device that has taken the world by storm, Mtrx MX 25000 Puffs. We have heard so many great things about it, and after trying out just one puff, we could understand why it is loved by so many vape enthusiasts. 

It is made using quad mesh coils, so you can be 100% sure you won’t have to worry about tasting those awful burnt puffs. You can be sure that each draw you take will be of the highest quality and premium taste. When it comes to aromas that are waiting for you, there are 15 of them, and they are made using only high-quality ingredients. 

The one we always gravitate toward is Minty O’s, the finest example of how mint-based aromas should taste like. It is super simple, yet very effective at the same time, and sometimes that is the hardest balance to create.

If you want something more sweet, then Strawberry Ice is just what you need. From the moment you start using it, you will be greeted by the sweet aroma of sun-kissed strawberries, and just the right amount of minty sensation. It is ideal for all-day vaping, so make sure to give it a go. 

The moment has come! Pick the device and aroma that speaks to you the most, head over to ApVapeShop right now, place your order, and get excited for what comes next. 

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