Top Geek Bar Devices You Must Try!

Top Geek Bar Devices You Must Try!

The Geek Bar range of devices has been one of our all-time favorite ones, and we truly believe that everyone needs to indulge in its supremacy. Among the collection of these premium products, there is something for everyone, so whether you are on the lookout for disposables that taste good, or you want to check out some with innovative features, Geek Bar has got you covered. As one of the leading brands on the market, they know how to craft a device that looks good, performs incredibly well, and tastes even better. Today, we will go through some game-changing devices together, so you can get a glimpse of just how good they are. They are all waiting for you at ApVapeShop, so as soon as you are done with reading, and you decide which one is your favorite, go ahead and make your order. The unforgettable vaping experience has never been closer! 

Geek Bar Meloso Max 

We all live in an extremely fast-paced world, so it is key to always have by your side some products that we can use straight away, and not have to deal with unnecessary refills. That is why it comes as no surprise that many users are always going for disposable devices that require no maintenance and are extremely durable as well. One of the most compact ones is the Geek Bar Meloso 9000 Puff, and for a very long time, it has been a staple in our collection. 

What we love the most about it is the fact that it provides an incredible level of customization, which not many devices of this kind have. It is made with an adjustable airflow control, so you can vape just the way you like it. We also have to mention that this lovely device comes in various pastel colors, which are ideal for summer days ahead of us. 

Geek Bar Meloso Mini  

Moving on to the younger cousin of our previous contestants, Geek Bar Meloso Mini 1500 Puffs, which can be a great introduction to the world of Geek Bar devices. It is extremely light and small, and in case you are always on the go, this is a perfect device to always have by your side. It is completely waterproof and sealed, so you can simply slip it inside your bag or pocket, and not worry about making any mess along the way.

Most importantly, for the device of its size, its quality is unparalleled, so you can expect to savor all of the 1500 draws to the fullest. To make things even better, it is available in 15 distinctive aromas, and considering how luscious each one of them is, we are sure that even the most distinctive vapers will adore them! If you are not sure where to start, we advise adding Pina Colada to your cart. It tastes like summer, so what better time to try it out than now?

Geek Bar Skyview 25000 

As time passes by, brands are trying to keep up with the latest trends and consider what we, as vapers, really want. Then, they try to implement everything into one device and make it better than everything else on the market. The disposable that has taken the world of vaping by storm is Geek Bar Skyview 25000 Puffs, one of the hands-down best products we have tried out recently.  

It has an extremely futuristic design, and we are here for it! Not only does it perform impeccably, but thanks to its massive center screen, which provides 5 unique UI design interfaces, each of your vaping sessions will be incredibly fun as well. Thanks to this screen, you will be able to keep track of the battery and e-liquid level, and also know what wattage is being used. There are 16mL stored inside the tank, which makes this device’s durability unmatched. 

In terms of customization, nothing can beat Geek Bar Skyview. When using it, you can choose from three modes, pulse, norm, and soft. Each one has its perks, and based on your vaping habits, you can select the one you love the most. But even that is not all. This disposable is crafted using a bottom adjustable airflow switch, so you can go between loose and strong hits from time to time. 

We cannot forget to mention that advanced 2x dual mesh coils are used for the construction of this product, which guarantees not only a prolonged life span, but promises that each puff will taste heavenly. 

Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 

We cannot talk about the great innovation, and not mention Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Puffs, a device that has quickly managed to become one of the most-wanted ones, and considering how amazing it is, that comes as no surprise. 

You will notice that it has a spectacular mega HD 3D curved screen, so you can expect to have a user-friendly vaping experience. You don’t have to worry about staying without some puffs or power during your vape session. Now, you can always know when is the time to use a USB Type-C charging cable and continue your enjoyment. 

When buying this Geek Bar marvel, you will have the privilege of choosing from 15 aromas, and all of them are made using only high-quality ingredients. This range is carefully designed, so it can cater to the needs of vapers with various preferences. If you would like to experiment with some fruity flavors you need to give a chance to Sour Mango Pineapple, Raspberry Peach Lime, and Lime Berry Orange. All of the notes are in a perfect balance, and you will taste all of them with each inhale and exhale. Those who love a bit more refreshing flavors will love Miami Mint, Blue Razz Ice, and Watermelon Ice. They provide instant freshness, and we are sure you will love them.

In case you are curious to discover some more Geek Bar devices, they are all available at ApVapeShop, so don’t waste your time. Find a disposable that will pique your interest, and get ready to set off on a memorable vaping journey. Discover what makes them some of the most durable devices on the market, and why so many vapers use them all the time. 

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