Tricks for Making Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Tricks for Making Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Coils are a very important component of each vaping device, and keeping them in great conditions for as long as possible is, of course, a duty of each vaper. In case the coils are malfunctioning, and it starts to burn up, your puffs will start to taste worse and worse.

Of course, nobody wants that, so why not try to avoid that? We have gathered a few tips and tricks that will help you do that, and following each one of them is very easy.

So, when buying a new device, make sure to implement all of these tricks for making your vape coils last longer, and we promise you will see a big difference very quickly. Your device will perform better, and you will be able to enjoy some stunning hits you deserve.


What is a Coil?


First and foremost, we have to give you a simple explanation of what a coil actually is. Simply put, a coil is a part of vaping device that heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. So, basically, vaping as we know it is impossible without coils. Depending on how much you use your pod, it may be necessary to change coils from time to time. Surely, the more you use the device, the more coils you may need to change, but the key is, of course, to try to prolong the life of your coils. So, let's see how can you do that.


To Prime or Not to Prime?


One of the secrets of keeping your coils last longer is to prime new coils before using them. But how to do that? Easy! Priming the coils means that you should manually soak the wick before putting it into action. So, here is what you need to do. Just add a few drops of e-liquid on the wick, then connect the coil to your device, and you are ready to start vaping. This is how you will know that the wick is fully soaked before enjoying the first puff, which will taste as good as the rest of them. Extra tip, do not soak your wick excessively, because in that case you will flood your coil, and of course, that is not what our goal is.


The Type of E-Liquids Is Important 


Well, we have all heard that is not important what e-liquids we use, as long as we have one. Well, we cannot say that we agree with this statement. Actually, if you want your coils to last longer, it is crucial to use high-quality e-liquids. They typically contain better ingredients that are less damaging to your coils. The majority of e-liquids you can buy nowadays are overly sweetened with the sugar-free sweetener sucralose thanks to which vape juices taste incredible. But, there is a catch. Sucralose can destroy your coils very fast, and the taste of your puffs will quickly change. Therefore, if possible, try to use unsweetened e-liquids, and allow your coils to live longer. So the better the e-liquid, the more long-lasting coils are. So, maybe you will pay more for juice, but you won't have to change coils all the time. The math is simple, so start buying smartly! Check our e-liquid offer, and select the one you like. 


Cleaning is Always Important 


Surely, just like with everything else in life, cleaning is super important. Your coils should be cleaned constantly because that is how you will wash away the potential build-up of the device’s e-liquids. The first step is to remove the coil from the vape tank. After that, go ahead and rinse it under hot water. Also, you can soak coils in water or alcohol, because that will break up any additional residue. Finally, let the coil dry, and after that reattach them and continue vaping. So, before you just decide to throw coils away, try cleaning them first. Maybe that can solve all your problems.


Chain Vape Is Not Recommended


Chain vaping is yet another thing that can be harmful to your coils. Basically, when your coil is dry, it will make the cotton burn, and that will produce an unpleasant taste. So, if you are talking multiple puffs, that will dry your coils additionally, and you will be left with an awful taste in your mouth because the coils will burn. So, make a short break between each inhale, and reward yourself with some delicious puffs.


Power Off 


This is probably the simplest tip we have for you. Maybe you already know this, but why not mention it one more time for those who don’t know that reducing the battery power can extend the coils' life span? As the power is bigger, the coils will heat up faster and burn easily. So, do yourself a favor and simply reduce the wattage on the battery.


Pay Attention to E-Liquid Level


Lastly, but not least, we have to warn you never to let your tank get completely empty. If this happens, the wick will start vaporizing the air, and you will taste that disgusting burnt flavor. So, don’t let the dry hit ever happen to you, and keep your tank filled. All of these tips are so easy to follow, and they will for sure be very helpful. Whether you are a new or already experienced vapor, we are sure you will find these tricks very useful, so waste no time, and start incorporating them today!


But, sadly, to say goodbye to your coil is inevitable at one moment or another. Here are some signs that your coils are ready to be replaced. Firstly, it will taste burnt, and the hit you inhale will be very unpleasant. Also, coils are ready to go when the flavor isn't distinct, which means that they will become weaker and not really tasty. Finally, if your device is making a strange noise, it is for sure time to purchase some fresh coils.


In case you need new coils, new accessories, or you are ready to start using another vape device, it is important to find a certified online shop, where you will be able to find a wide range of vaping products. So, head over to ApVapeShop, and make a purchase. The original and high-quality product of your choice will be delivered to your doorstep on short notice, so you can start your vaping journey as soon as possible.
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