Ultimate Guide to Vape Pod Systems

Ultimate Guide to Vape Pod Systems

Vape pod kits come in various shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to decide which one will suit your needs perfectly. Also, it can be especially confusing for beginners, because they still don’t know whether it’s better to buy a closed or open vape pod system. 

Every type has its benefits, so it is best to learn more about the most popular models and decide which one fits your requirements and needs the best. The way they function is not the only difference they have, some of them are easier to use, the others are more complicated. 

There are also different types of pods, tanks, and e-liquid, and you will have to consider all that before deciding which vape pod system is the best for you. Still, don’t let this make you feel overwhelmed because we have created this ultimate guide to vape pod systems to help you make a perfect choice. 

The Differences Between Closed and Open Pod System

A key difference between pod systems that are available on today's market is whether they are open or closed. The closed ones arrive pre-filled, with a specific type of e-juice and a battery that lasts until the tank is empty. Once you run out of e-liquid, you can throw it away since there is no possibility to refill it. So, once you unpack a disposable vape, you can start vaping since there aren't any additional actions required. The e-liquid these types of pod systems include are usually nic-salt ones, and they deliver a mild throat hit, so they are a popular choice for beginners and heavy smokers. 

On the other side, the open vape systems give you the possibility to recharge the battery and refill the pods. As you can see these are not single-use devices, so you have to be careful when buying one to make sure that it will serve the purpose well. Unlike closed pod systems, open ones are suited to higher PG liquids, and that is the reason why they provide such a rich flavor and a stronger throat hit. While the closed systems are limited in the strength of nicotine, open pod kits give you a chance to even gradually reduce nicotine over time, and that is great news for people who want to completely quit smoking. Still, since you can refill the pods, you can go back to nic-salt-based e-juices whenever you want to. 

SMOK MICO Starter Kit - Excellent Example of Open Pod System

One of the most popular open pod systems is the SMOK MICO starter kit. It is a popular choice among beginners as well as experienced vapers since the package includes one SMOK MICO device, one pod cartridge of 1.7ml capacity 1.0ohm standard coil, as well as one with the mesh coil technology, lanyard, a USB charge cable, and the user manual.

The liquids are not included in the kit, but you can choose between a wide range of e-juices and select the ones you prefer. You can find both - the SMOK MICO starter kit and e-liquids at AP Vape Shop - a reputable vape supplier. 

The Most Popular Closed Vape Pod Systems

In case you are thinking about buying a closed pod system, take a look at some of the most popular disposable vapes:

  • PUFF BAR Disposable Vape - offers around 300+puffs which is equal to one pack of cigarettes. There are also the PUFF XXL and PUFF Flow versions, which are the perfect choice for vapers who are looking for devices that can deliver over 1000 puffs.

  • Pop Disposable Vape Device - around 400 puffs per stick, available in over twenty flavors.

  • HYPPE ULTRA PRE-FILLED Disposable Vape includes 50mg of salt nicotine e-juice and ensures 600+ puffs per one disposable pen. 

  • AIR BAR LUX this device is draw activated and it is available in over 30 flavors. 

  • VGOD Stig - an all-in-one system with more than 270 puffs per unit and 60 mg of salt nicotine. 

These are just some of the popular disposable vapes on today’s market. In case that you need more information about these or other types of disposable vapes, don’t hesitate to contact AP Vape Shop with non-stop available customer support. 

Open or Closed Pod System - You Can Order It Online

We hope that this article helped you learn more about vape pod systems and that you have selected the one that fits your needs and taste. In case you are ready to purchase one, you can make an online order at our online vape shop, and we will deliver it to your address as soon as possible. We send all packages via USPS first class with tracking, so you can check the status of your order at any time.
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