UWELL Caliburn A2 15W - Compact and Mighty Pod System

UWELL Caliburn A2 15W - Compact and Mighty Pod System

If you’ve been in the vaping world for some time, there is a great chance that you’ve heard about the Uwell’s original Caliburn from 2019. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular vapes ever due to its ability to serve the demands of both beginners and vaping veterans, and the new UWELL Caliburn A2 15W could be described as an upgraded and more modern version. 

Still, as Caliburn wanted to maintain the simplicity and practicality with the new A2, the new features and modifications when it comes to the overall design are subtle yet quite useful for the users. After all, Caliburn intentionally took the letter “A” as alpha from Greek for this series to support the idea of a basic pod system that is easy and comfortable to use. 

If you are interested to learn more about the new Caliburn A2, you can simply stay with us and get a detailed preview of its technical and performative aspects from an expert’s point of view. Our AP online vape shop staff stands at your service if you wish to speak to us directly and get all your questions answered immediately.

What’s New with Design and Build?

When it comes to the size, A2 comes with the dimensions of 110.1 mm x 21.3 mm x 11.7 mm which is the same as the original Caliburn. It is portable, compact, and easy to use when you’re on the go. 

The first thing to notice when holding a new A2 is that it feels great in hand thanks to the smooth edges and zinc alloy finish that gives it that modern yet clean look. One of the added features is the window on the front which allows you to be familiar with the e-liquid status at all times, while a type-C charging port is another upgrade compared to the original Caliburn. 

The mouthpiece is thin and comes with softer edges which makes it lay on the lips quite comfortably, and all you need to do to refill the pod is push the mouthpiece slightly on the side. Don’t forget to wait for about 5 minutes after the refill until the e-liquid gets properly heated!

Auto-Draw and Button-Activated Pod System Experience

Letting the vapers choose between these two options was a wise idea as it surely makes vaping more interesting and exciting. The main difference between the auto and button-draw activation is that you get the more defined throat kick with the second option. Still, the auto-draw is pretty tight and equally satisfying, just the button activation gives it a bit more heat which makes the vape warmer and more intense. 

Even though the coils are built-in, you can expect it to last up to more than 20mg of e-juice which is truly exceptional. The pod’s capacity is limited to 2ml, and it comes with the UN2 meshed-H 0.9ohm coil which is another improvement. Finally, the anti-leak technology that Caliburn introduced with the A2 is working impeccably as the edges remain completely dry even when used excessively. 

Battery Life and Performance

UWELL Caliburn A2 15W comes with a built-in 520mAh rechargeable battery which will allow you to vape continuously throughout the day. There is a fast-charging option thanks to the Type-C USB charging port, so all you need to do is plug in once the LED signals the red light and wait for about 50 minutes until it gets green. The blue one means the current battery capacity is somewhere between 30-60%. 

The overall simplicity when it comes to the usage is what makes this device perfect for beginners, but what makes it adored by everyone is its exceptional flavor delivery. This is what Caliburn pod systems are already well-known for, but the new A2 is a real deal thanks to the 15W battery output and finer coils. 

No matter if you select the draw or button activation option, you’ll get a chance to experience a clean, crisp, and intense flavor that remains like that until the pod needs to be replaced. The device works well with both nic salts and e-liquids which gives you the possibility to indulge your nicotine cravings just the way you want. Still, even with the 50mg nic salts, the vapor is velvety and gentle on the throat which is good news for passionate smokers who wish to transition smoothly to the healthier vaping alternative. 

The draw is not too tight which is perfect for MTL vaping and massive vapor production. On the other hand, if you prefer a more discreet variant and still enjoy the intense vaping experience, this is the time when the auto-draw option shows its full potential. 

Is UWELL Caliburn A2 15W Suitable for Beginners?

Based on our previous claims, it is quite easy to guess that A2 is primarily made to serve those who are new in the vaping world. The device is lightweight and easy to use as it gets, but still ready to provide an ultimately pleasing vaping experience that will keep you away from the nasty tobacco smoking habit. Just make sure to purchase it at the certified online vape shop to avoid fake and defective devices!

Depending on your vaping style, the pod usually needs to be replaced after a week or so, and the whole procedure is overly simple. All you need to do is remove the pod and place the new one which comes with the mouthpiece, and never worry whether it fits well thanks to the magnetic pod connection. 

The device’s durability is ensured thanks to the low voltage, and open and short circuit protection, so you can be sure that A2 will serve you as long as possible. 

If you are ready to give UWELL Caliburn A2 15W a chance, we at AP vape shop encourage you to do so. At our online vape shop, you can buy this original pod system and choose amazing e-liquids from our premium offer. In case you need more information about the product, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime.
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