Uwell Caliburn A2 vs. AK2-Which Pod System to Choose?

Uwell Caliburn A2 vs. AK2-Which Pod System to Choose?

Nobody has time for testing out not-so-good vaping devices while there are so many of them that are spectacular. Luckily, it is our job to deliver only the finest products to you and encourage you to try them out.

That is why today we are going to chat a bit about two amazing and most importantly high-quality pod systems we have really been enjoying. Both of them came ready to slay their competition, and they managed to do that.

So, with a great deal of pride, we are presenting to you Uwell Caliburn A2 and its cousin, AK2. We truly believe that they are without any doubt worth your attention, and that, depending on your liking, you will decide which one you want to try out. So, let us don’t waste any more time and words, and move on to thorough reviews of both systems.


Battle of Designs 

Sadly, with numerous devices on the market, we have quite often come across a few whose look is not satisfactory. For us personally is very important not only how the device looks, but whether it is compact and practical to carry around. Because we for sure want our source of puffs by our side all the time.

When it comes to Caliburn A2 we have to say that it is super sleek and that it will fit any of your purses or pocket without any problems. It is constructed from a durable aluminum alloy shell, which makes it super safe. The mouthpiece is slightly narrow, and it will fit your lips flawlessly. Also, it comes in 8 different colors, and we are sure you will easily be able to find your favorite one.

In the other corner, we have a bit bulkier Caliburn AK2, but still very portable. This thin-squared device is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go and is looking for a vaping gadget they can always rely on. You can choose between six colors, and the ones we like the most are neon orange and turquoise blue for sure.


Uwell Caliburn A2-An Oustanding Device Ready to Meet the Needs of The Most Demanding Vapers


There is one thing we are 100% sure of-that each new product made by well-known Uwell will blow our mind. So, we weren’t surprised that Caliburn A2 was crazy good. Once again, we were awarded an amazing vaping experience, all thanks to this pod system.

It features an integrated 520mAh battery that is rechargeable and that delivers up to 15W of power, which is great. When purchasing this item, in the package you will also get a type-C use port, that you can use anytime your battery life starts decreasing. You will know when it's time to charge thanks to a LED battery life indicator light, which is always one of the most useful features we especially appreciate.

Caliburn A2 is made using 0.9ohm pods, and it can be both draw and button-activated. So, whether you are a beginner or a long-running vaper, this device is just what you need. The tank’s capacity is 2ml, and it contains precious e-liquid of salt nicotine. There’s also an e-liquid viewing window, so at any moment you can know how much juice is left.

Short-circuit, low voltage, and 8S timeout protection are also included, which is pretty incredible, and that makes using this device very additionally safe.


Uwell Caliburn AK2-The Game-Changing Pod System That Provides Great Puffs 


On the other side, we have another Uwell representative, that is equally good and quality. It is called Caliburn AK2 and if you are on the hunt for a new pod system that is very dependable, then you have to check this one out.

Just like the previously mentioned A2, this one has a 520mAh rechargeable battery and up to 15W maximum output. There is a LED battery indicator light, which will inform you when it's time to use your type-C USB port and charge your battery. The great news is that you can do that in only 35 minutes.

You can be sure that voltage is going to be constant all the time, and because of that, you will get extra delicious flavor puffs. Inside, there is a 2ml 0.9-ohm meshed pod, and thanks to the viewing window you will always know the amount of e-liquid that is left.

Caliburn AK2 is draw-activated, which makes it super simple to use. So, even if you have never used this type of product before, you will not have problems getting used to it. If you decided that this item is your cup of tea, you have to know that in the package you will be receiving one pod system kit, two refillable pods, and one user manual, so if you need more information you will be able to find it out all.


Final Verdict-A2 or AK2?


Even though we should be choosing a clear winner, sadly, today we cannot do that. We strongly believe that both Uwell Caliburn A2 and AK2 are equally good and that you cannot go wrong with choosing any of them. They will for sure give you some stunning puffs, and the intensity of each one will always be the same from the first until the last e-juice drop. Thanks to them, you can say goodbye to cigarettes and forget about their annoying smell.

So, as soon as you decided which one suits you better head over to ApVapeShop and grab the one for you. It is crucial to find an online store that holds only genuine products and this one is just that. Upon selecting the wanted device you can also check out the wide range of e-liquids and salt nic and pick the one you like the most.

If you have more additional questions, and you need help with choosing the product, make sure to turn out customer representatives for help. We will go above and beyond to assist you and be there so you can have the best vaping experience possible.

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