Vape Gear Twist Battery 4.8V Review

Vape Gear Twist Battery 4.8V Review

Vaping devices are becoming better and better as time is passing by, and manufacturers really have to be extremely innovative if they want to beat their competitors. It is not enough to release only a good device. Nowadays, it has to be great in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers.

Of course, a great vaping experience doesn’t exist without even better and one-of-a-kind gear and definitely one of the most unique gadgets you can try out is a twist battery. So, today, we are here to present you with one of the best vape twist batteries we have come across recently. It is called Vape Gear Twist Battery that can drastically improve the way you vape.

With so many twist batteries available on the market, it is hard to know which ones are actually worth your money, but this one is for sure one of them. So, if you are on the hunt for a new one, stick with us to find out what makes it better than its competition.


Interesting and Portable Gadget


One of the best things about twist batteries is their size, and Vape Gear Twist Battery is no exception. It is super sleek, round-shaped, and made out of high-quality material, so you can rest assured it will last you for a very long time.

It will fit your palm impeccably, and its size of it allows it to be held inside your pocket or purse all the time.

This one comes in five different colors that are very sophisticated and elegant. Upon buying, you can choose between gunmetal, gold, black, rainbow, or silver options. There is a color for everyone’s taste, but because each is so subtle, we are sure that you will not go wrong no matter which one you end up selecting.

The price of Vape Gear Twist Battery 4.8V is very reasonable, so you will be receiving an exceptional battery for a great price.


Different Temperature Levels for Different Tastes


Vape Gear Twist Battery is amazing because it doesn't offer only one temperature option because we know that when it comes to that, vapers like to adjust the temperature to their liking and enjoy some top-notch inhales.

This device includes an adjustable heat setting from 3.3V to 4.8V. If you are worrying that adjusting the voltage is complicated, you can relax because, with this item, that is not the case. You can easily set the wanted voltage by twisting the battery. Super easy, so even if you have never used this type of product before, we are 100% sure that you won't have any problem getting used to it.


Fast and Easy Charging


You don’t have to say goodbye to this product once the battery runs off, because this gadget’s battery is rechargeable, which means you can simply use a wireless charger and bring your battery back to life. The additional great news is that you will be receiving the charger in the packaging, so you are all good to go. Make sure to always use the charger that comes with the device, because some other ones can damage it.

The charging process is as simple as it can get. Firstly, of course, you have to connect the battery to the USB adapter. After that, the light on the device will go red, which means that the charging is in progress. And, once the battery is fully charged, the light will go green.


Just Press The Button


Vape Gear Twist Battery is for sure one of the most popular and best-selling batteries on the market at the moment, and because it has some stunning features that come as no surprise. It is designed to meet the highest standards, and that is why it is so loved by vapers.

One of the things we like about it is its simplicity when it comes to using. All you need to do in order to inhale is to press and hold the button located in the middle of the device. Also, you have to press the same button 5 times for on or off.

It is designed for just about any 510 Thread cartridge, and it is perfect for preheating power oil, from thin Tarpenes to thick concentrates where the preheating feature is extremely effective. It is perfect for thick and concentrated oils, so if you are a fan of these, then this device is just what you need.


Watch Out!


We are sure that you already know this, but in case you are just starting to vape, you need to hear this. It is very important to keep your Vape Gear Twist Battery out of the sun whenever that is possible because that is how you can damage it. Also, it is advised to avoid direct contact with liquids, but also to keep them out of reach of children.

Also make sure that there are no damages to the product itself before plugging it into the charger, or your vape device. These steps are very easy to follow, and they will keep your device safe and in good condition for a very long time.


Safe and Smart Buying


There are so many stores that sell various items for vape lovers, but sadly, not all of them hold original and high-quality products. That is why it is key to make your purchase only at licensed stores and make sure you will be receiving only a genuine product.

Our favorite online store is without any doubt ApVapeShop, whose services we have been using for a very long time. Not only that there you can find Vape Gear Twist Battery 4.8V, but you can also find numerous disposables, accessories, e-liquid, etc.

So, whenever you need anything to make your vaping adventure more interesting, head over to ApVapeShop, because we are sure that there you can find anything you need. If by any chance you need assistance with selecting the proper product, turn to customer representatives for help. You will get the best product at the best prices on short notice!

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