Vape Pod System

Vape Pod System

Vaping is becoming a huge global trend and its audience is growing day by day. Manufacturers are working hard to design and create the most authentic and technologically powered-up products to satisfy the demanding market. As a result, they came up with a revolutionary vaping solution known as The Vape Pod System.

Vape pods are small portable electronic cigarettes that have it all. Battery longevity, solid e-liquid capacity, and a wide selection of incredible flavors are part of this cost-efficient deal. Moreover, the latest addition to e-liquid variants, Nicotine Salts, turned vaping into a wonderful experience and one of the most powerful tools to help quit smoking.

Stay with us to learn how the system works and what are the benefits of using the vape pod system.

How do the Vape Pods Work?

Each vape pod module contains two parts – cartridge and battery. The cartridge is also known as the atomizer, which you probably heard of, but the truth is that the atomizer is a separate cartridge component. Thanks to it, the e-liquid is vaporized once you fire or inhale through the mouthpiece. The amount of power that heats the atomizer depends on the pod specifics, but most of the manufacturers are doing their best to incorporate as little power as possible, and still get the most of the device.

Some cartridges can be separated into two components. The upper one is a mouthpiece used for the inhalation which is directly connected to the department where the e-liquid is stored. The second component would be the atomizer which can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

Pod battery is not as complex as the cartridge, but still a crucial part of your vape. It is responsible for firing or detecting your inhalation command. Some of them will do that automatically, and others are coming with a simple switch.

Automatic and Manual Pod Battery

The automatic battery doesn’t include any buttons for triggering the system. Once you inhale, that is a clear signal for the battery to send sufficient power to the heating element. If you come across the Draw Activate specification under the product listing, that is the device that has an automatic battery incorporated.

On the other hand, the manual battery has a firing button. Whenever it gets pressed, it supplies the atomizer with the current needed for the smooth heating and vaping procedure. In the case you like both variants, you can easily switch from one to another on certain pods. These devices have a feature to turn off the button and use draw for activation.

No matter which battery you find the most attractive, they are usually very simple to recharge via a USB charger or a charging stand that’s designed for your pod device.

Simplicity Equals Success

Since vape pods and pens are the first choices for many newbies, they offer an easy way to indulge your senses. That is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Also, they tend to reduce the urge to smoke due to a constant resistance which is measured around 1.0 ohms. Combining it with a high rate of nicotine of 12 mg and more, you will get satisfied faster than before and more importantly, stay that way for a longer period. Such good news!

Besides conveniently using low energy which ensures the system lasts longer between the charges, these pods are ready to follow you anywhere. Just put them in a pocket, or better, in a safer case, and you are ready to go and vape wherever you want.

Benefits of Using the Pod System

We are sure that you already recognized a few significant advantages of this system along the way, but we will summarize and name a few more.If you are a discreet person and don’t feel comfortable drawing too much attention with a huge vape smoke, you will love pods. 

They produce much less smoke which makes them ideal for vaping in public places. We already mention a few facts about their convenient size, but the truth is that you can take your pod around the neck and be able to vape wherever. Possibly the greatest distinction from the other systems is that the pods are leak-proof. They come with pre-built cartridges where leakage is almost impossible.Especially beneficial for all of you who are struggling to quit smoking and give up the satisfying feeling that the pods ensure you a stronger nicotine hit. 

They are compatible with higher nicotine e-liquids that will indulge your cravings quickly.In case you still have questions you would like to ask a professional, give our kind AP Vape Shop agent a call anytime and get all the clarifications you need. Among our offers, we have only the products we advocate for and believe in since it is our goal to provide the most exciting vaping experience for you. You’ll get one 1 warranty for each purchase and fast delivery – without exceptions.
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