Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod Mod Kit VS. Smok Novo 3 Portable Pod Device Kit

Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod Mod Kit VS. Smok Novo 3 Portable Pod Device Kit

In case you are looking for a great vape device with amazing features that will take your vaping game to completely another level, then it is your lucky day. Because today we are going to talk about not only one but two exceptional gadgets, we believe that are for sure worth your attention.

We always try to find some hidden gems and really talk about pod devices that stand out from their competition. That is why we are here to present to you Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod Mod Kit and Smok Novo 3 Portable Pod Device Kit.

Even though both of them are devices of the highest class, there are some slight differences between them that we would like to discuss. Based on that, you will know which one is better for you, and which one is going to be your next puff creator.

So, let's get down to the business, and see why these two ground-breaking items are so highly praised by so many vapers.


Battles of Designs - Which One Looks Prettier?


Sure, we can say that appearance doesn’t matter but is that really the case? In all honesty, we all want to have a nice-looking vape device by our side, because in reality, we take it with us anywhere we go.

When it comes to our today’s contestants, we have to say that the designers have done an amazing job with both of them. First, we have the Vaporesso Luxe PM40, which is very compact and portable, which is for sure one of the biggest benefits. It comes in five different and unique patterns you can choose from, and each one of them is super sophisticated. When it comes to the mouthpiece, it is created to fit your lips perfectly, so you can enjoy some strong hits without any problems. It is constructed from durable zinc-alloy, and besides that, you will be glad to hear that it has transparent pods, so at all times you will be able to see the level of e juice that remains.

In the other corner, we have a gorgeous Smok Novo 3 Portable pod device kit whose luxurious designs left us in awe. It comes in a few chrome colors, and this newest Novo addition is premiering with eye-catching cobra and carbon fiber plated panels. It has a shiny pearl finish, which we also like a lot. Because of its dimensions, it will fit your pocket or purse perfectly, and it will be super convenient to take it with you all the time.


Which One Is Stronger?


We have to say that both devices are rechargeable, which means that whenever the battery indicator informs you that the battery is dying, you can simply bring it back to life very fast.

The Vaporesso Luxe PM40 features a 1800mAh battery, and it offers a slew of firing modes, such as Pulse, ECO, and the brand new Vaporesso F mode. Each one will award you with satisfying hits you will be craving all day long. On the device, you will spot the airflow controller, which you can adjust according to your taste. The fire button is located on the opposite side, and once you turn it on, the home screen, set on the side, will turn on. Then, you will be able to set the voltage and see the battery level. Also, it is made using overcharging and overheating protection, which is for sure extremely useful.

Smok Novo 3 comes with an 800mAh battery, and it has a draw-activated mechanism, so all you have to do to get some luscious puffs is to inhale.

Now, let's move on to pods and share with you some basic info about them. Today’s Vaporesso contestant holds up to 4ml of e-liquid, and the Smok one is here to provide around 2ml.

After testing them out, we can say that they will give you some spectacular hits, but without causing any throat irritation. The vapor production of both is out of this world, and we recommend you to check it out by yourself. They are created using high-quality materials, so it comes as no surprise that they can provide some amazing puffs.


What Do You Get For Your Money?


Finally, we cannot leave you before informing you about what actually comes in packages in both cases.

When buying Vaporesso Luxe PM40 Pod Mod Kit you will be receiving a device obviously, but besides that, there is one luxe PM40 pod, 1 0,6ohm GTX mesh coil, 1 0,8ohm mesh coil, 1 USB charging cable, and lastly, there is a user manual that can be very handy.

If you decide to opt for its opponent SMOK Novo 3 Portable Pod Device Kit, you will be getting a top-quality device, 2 0,8ohm NOVO 3 pods (which is a huge benefit), 1 USB cable, and just like in the previous case, a user manual that can help you with all your doubts.

So, do the math, see what fits your budget better, and click the ‘add to cart button. We cannot make a clear decision and say which one out of these two is greater because we think that both can become a staple piece in a collection of so many vapers. Who knows, maybe you will end up trying them both, and deciding if the one is better than the other one by yourself.


Whenever you are ready to purchase these products, we advise you to visit the best online vape store, ApVapeShop, and get the one you prefer. While visiting the website, you can go ahead and order salt nic juice or e-liquid you would like to use. Here you can find the biggest selection of both, and thanks to it, you will be able to continue your vaping adventure in great style. Also, if you are ever in a need of replacement pods or coils, you know where to go.

If you have some additional questions, our team of knowledgeable experts is here for you, so feel free to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to helping you!

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