VAPORESSO Renova Zero Care version - Starter Kit Review

VAPORESSO Renova Zero Care version - Starter Kit Review

Adding the features to our devices and upgrading them every way possible has become a regular thing that most of us do to get the results we want. When it comes to vaping devices, trying too hard to produce the one that has too many extras might only create confusion and dissatisfaction among the vapers. 

Vaporesso knew this perfectly well and therefore, always presented their followers with the ultimately simple yet powerful vaping devices that promise nothing else than instant enjoyment. With their new Vaporesso Renova Zero Care version, they went a step further and introduced us to the ultimately beautiful, compact, and budget-friendly vaping pod mod system device that will satisfy both the vaping veteran and a total beginner. 

Stay with us and discover why the Vaporesso Renova Zero Care version starter kit is one of the hottest sellers on the market right now or make a purchase straight away with your certified AP vape shop dealer and learn it in practice – after the first delicious and rich draw. 

Appearance and Built 

Small enough to fit any pocket or purse and beautifully crafted to please the eye of the beholder who enjoys modern and sleek design, the Vaporesso Renova Zero Care version leaves a great first impression. Made by durable Zinc Alloy that keeps the internal parts of the device fully secured even if dropped on the hard surface and layered with small grooves for a better grip, Renova Zero Care is incredibly easy to handle. 

There are twelve color and pattern options to choose from – from the effective and matte black to the vivid green, red and yellow variants. Want to have a vaping device that brings out your artistic spirit? The Rainbow Vaporesso Zero Care version can surely make that happen. 

Enhanced Battery Protection with the Advanced OMNI Board Mini Chip Integration

It is not a secret that Vaporesso is introducing new tech solutions to each product, and the advanced OMNI board mini chip that their new Renova Zero Care version contains will surely prolong the life and functionality of the device.


This mini chip provides effective protection from not only the overcharging and low power, but also keeps the device safe from short-circuiting and enables automatic temp control. Thanks to the 3 different power output modes (low, medium, and high), you can now easily switch between the options by simply clicking the power button three times within two seconds. Then, the LED light will display the activated mode – red for low, blue for medium, and green for high. 

The integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery will surely enable you to enjoy all-day vaping while the fast-changing option will never keep you waiting on the next draw. 

Do You Crave for a Harder Nicotine Hit? 

Primarily made to make the transition from tobacco smoking to vaping as easy as possible, Vaporesso Renova Zero Care Version Comes with the extra mesh pod (besides the regular ceramic) to provide that pleasurable nicotine hit and indulge your cravings. In addition, this version of Renova Zero Care comes with a low-liquid protection feature that prevents dry hits and throat irritation. No matter how deep the draw is that you take, the only thing you’ll experience is a robust flavor and dense vapor.

As with the previous Vaporesso Zero version, the pod utilizes the original C Cell coil head that contains a ceramic heating element for the enhanced and prolonged flavor which made the Vaporesso vaping devices so popular in the first place. Both ceramic and mesh pod capacity is 2ml, while the first one comes with 1.3ohm and the other with 1.0ohm. 

New Press-To-Fill System to Spares You from Leakages

Even though the vapers are somewhat prepared that the leaks might happen from time to time, Vaporesso wanted to stop it once for all. Both pods are made of BPA-free-medical-grade PCTG plastic that is completely leak-proof, but the real deal comes with the new refill system. 

As you open the pod’s seal with a little pressure and fill the pod with your favorite salt-nic, the press-to-fill system’s port will automatically close and provide the secured sealing which keeps the device protected from any leakages. We and numerous other passionate vapers already tried it, and it works just fine. 

What Does the Vaporesso Renova Zero Care Version Starter-Kit Include?

The first thing you notice is a nicely done packaging that matches the pod device’s color inside. Besides the authentic Vaporesso’s pod mod system device, in your starter kit, you’ll find the integrated ZERO battery, 2 refillable mods, a single empty vape juice filling bottle (10ml), and MicroUSB charging cable. The user manual is clear and easy to understand, and there is also a warranty card included.

To be sure that you purchased an original Vaporesso Renova Zero Care version device, always buy the product at the certified vaping shop, and rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy this amazing vape to the maximum. We at AP vape shop promise authentic Vaporesso products, fast delivery, and constant low prices, so feel free to check out our offer now.
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