VAPORESSO Renova Zero Care Version – Starter Kit Review and Guide

VAPORESSO Renova Zero Care Version – Starter Kit Review and Guide

In case you are getting tired of your current vaping devices and you are ready to start using a new one, but are not sure which one to choose, fear no more because we are here to recommend a product we have been loving lately.

Actually, the topic of today’s discussion is more than just a product. We are presenting you with an entire kit that will bring your vaping journey to a whole new level. We are glad to talk a bit more about the Vaporesso Renova Zero Care Version, designed to deliver puffs of the highest quality.

We will explain with the slightest details why this device is among the best sellers for a very long time, and what makes it so special and worth your attention. This kit is for sure one of the best ones that money can buy. We have tried it out, and this is what we have learned about it.


Taking a Look at the Newest Vaporesso Renova Zero Care Starter Kit


Back in the day, we used to love the original Vaporesso Zero device, and we were excited to see that a new and improved version was about to hit the market. So, of course, we had to try it ASAP.

The first thing we notice about the latest version it’s the change in the device’s colors. The devices can be found in various gradient options, but some even have fun patterns on them. The finish of it is rubberized which makes them incredibly comfortable to hold.

Vaporesso Renova Zero is super sleek and compact, and thanks to it, you will be able to take it with you anywhere you go. The mouthpiece is very narrow, and it will fit your lips impeccably.


Fast-Charging Battery for Some Top-Quality Puffs


A good device doesn’t exist without a great battery. When it comes to this gadget, it comes with an integrated 650mAh battery, that can be charged over and over again. But, what we like the most is that it takes only 45 minutes to fully charge it. Also, inside the kit you will receive a micro USB charging cable, so you can bring the battery back to life anytime that is needed.

Vaporesso Renova Zero has three different power modes, and while vaping you can choose between low 9W mode, medium 10,5W which is actually the device’s default mode, and lastly there is a high power 12,5W mode. It is super easy to switch between modes, and even if you have never used this type of product before, you won't have any problems. All you have to do is click the device’s power button3 times within 2 seconds. As simple as that! If you want to check what the current mode is, just hold down the on/off button and wait for the LED to start lighting.

The LED will help you see what is your battery level as well. If it lights green, you are safe, because the battery level is above 70%. Blue means it is between 30% and 70%. But, if you see the red light, you should consider charging your battery as soon as you can.


The Greatest Innovation Each Vaper Will Simply Adore!


What makes this product stands out from its competition, is without any doubt, the presence of one extra mesh pod, constructed of BPA-free medical-grade PCTG plastic. Because of the mesh pod, the flavor will taste better, and the taste intensity will be the same throughout the entire use.

For all of those who are worrying about creating a mess and staining your purse or pocket, we have some great news. Vaporesso Renova Zero is absolutely leakproof, so feel free to carry it with you relaxed. It is created using a press-to-fill system. It makes sure that no juice is ever leaked outside the bottle.

In the kit, you will receive an empty vape juice 10ml filling the bottle, but also 1 CCEL refillable 2ml pod, and 1 Mesh refillable 2ml pod. In order to refill your pod, you have to fill the given e-juice filling a bottle with the chosen juice. The process is very fast and easy. Once you press the filling bottle nozzle into the pod’s port, the pressure will open the seal. After removing the filling bottle, once the pod is full, the port will be closed and sealed automatically.

In case you are having trouble with refilling, you should know that inside the kit you can find a user manual, where everything is explained in great detail. Also, a warranty card is included, which we know is important for many vapers.

There is one thing you have to bear in mind. Vaporesso is compatible with nicotine salts, so if that is your cup of tea, then this device is even more perfect.

Of course, once you run out of replacement pods, you can buy them and continue using your device. We advise you to check out ApVapeShop because here you can find everything you need, including additional pods.

After using and testing this gadget for a while, we have concluded that it can be a perfect option for anyone who tries to quit smoking. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting vaping, or if it has been your favorite activity for years, this device has it all! It is an automatic draw product, that will for sure deliver incredible flavor and vapor.

Vaporesso has showed us one more time why its pod mod systems are among the best ones, and why so many vapors are using them religiously for years now. So, go ahead and join them! Make your purchase at ApVapeShop, and you will receive the kit on short notice. We sell only genuine and top-quality products at the best prices.

If, you are not sure that the Vaporesso Renova Zero Care version is right for you, turn to our knowledgeable agents, and they will help you with anything you need. We have a wide range of products, and we are sure that among them you will find the one that will suit all your needs.

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