VGOD E-Liquids Characteristics

VGOD E-Liquids Characteristics

As very experienced vapers, we can guarantee that some of the best and most quality e-liquids are created by one of the leading manufacturers on the market, VGOD. For years their products have been used by vapers all across the country and they keep on staying among the best-selling ones.

It is our honor to talk today a bit more about their wide range of salt nic juices and tell you everything about their characteristics. We have tested out the majority of flavors that are offered, and we have to say that we like them all.

Therefore, no matter what your likings are, we are sure that you will find a VGOD e-liquid that will suit you perfectly. We will share with you all the information you need to know, and once you read them, we are sure you will head straight over to ApVapeShop and purchase one of the delicious, unique, and first-class flavors.


Various Strength Options


It is known that when it comes to nicotine strength, we cannot say that one size always fits all. Depending on their liking, but also the time they have been spending vaping, people have different preferences when it comes to the level of nicotine they want their device to have.

That is why VGOD e-liquids can be found in two optimal strengths: 25mg (2.5%) and 50mg (5%). So, if you are just starting your vaping adventure, then the first option is ideal for you. On the other hand, if you are carving more nicotine throughout the day, the second one will make you satisfied. In both cases, you will be awarded a super-smooth hit that is not going to cause any throat irritation.

In case you are wondering why you should opt for nic salts and not some other product of this kind, we got you covered. To put it very simply, you need to know that the formulation of nicotine salts includes, besides nicotine, the natural compounds that are naturally found in the leaves of tobacco plants. Because of that, you will be able to enjoy nicotine in its unaltered state, which is, for sure, very important.

Also, it is considered that when using salt nic you vape less, which means that your bottle of e-liquid will last you longer, and that is how you will also manage to save some money down the line.


Quality E-Liquid Stored in Safe Bottle


Each of the flavors, which we are going to mention very soon, is stored inside the 30ml bottle, which you will receive nicely and safely packaged. The e-juice is made using a 45PG/55VG formulation, which will give you the silky throat hit with each puff.

Don’t forget that these e-liquids are compatible with mods or similar low-wattage devices, so before making a purchase make sure to double-check if your device and VGOD are a match made in heaven.

These e-juices are designed to deliver superb hits, cater to the need to even the most demanding vapers, and provide them with a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. VGOD has come out with some outstanding flavors that are loved by so many people who keep using them all the time.


Delicious Flavor Options That Will Excite Your Taste Buds With Each Puff 


VGOD knows how important is to have an outstanding range of e-liquids aromas. Firstly, we would like to present you with a great selection of icy flavors that will secure a refreshing aftertaste during the entire day.

The first on our list is Lush Ice, one of the VGOD’s signature flavors that has never failed to disappoint us because it allows us to taste sweet watermelon and a fresh breeze of menthol at the same time. If this fruit is not your cup of tea, you can test out Iced Berry Bomb, a burst of succulent strawberries you will taste from the start, and the smooth iced menthol that is there at the finish. Iced Apple Bomb is an eruption of juicy and tart apples with a hint of menthol.


But, the ultimate pick can be Mighty Mint, which will deliver a blast of frosty mint flavor, that is perfect for the long warm summer that is ahead of us. Speaking of summer, probably the second-best choice for this season is Summer Strawberry, as its name suggests. It is an ideal combination of sweet ripe strawberries and cool menthol you will love. For all of those who want to get familiar with ripened mango but stay cool at the same time, then Iced Mango Bomb is a way to go. Yet, if you want to stay away from menthol, then simply choose the basic but extremely luscious aroma, Mango Bomb, or Tropical Mango if you want a flavor with a slight twist.

Of course, no range is perfect without some spectacular good old Cubano options, and VGOD this time offers three. The first one is Cubano Silver, and it is a mixture of honey, tasty brown sugar, rich vanilla, and creamy custard. The next at your disposal is Cubano Black, whose flavor is richer and a bit stronger. Finally, you can try out a flavor simply called Cubano, which is without any doubt one of our favorites. It is so simple yet so delicious at the same time, and we highly recommend it to everyone.

Next, we have classical options, which we believe that the majority of you would like. Luscious is designed to bring you a sweet undertone of mixed melons, while Melon Mix is perfect for vapers who want to experience the pure taste of honeydew and cantaloupe.

There are three fruit bombs available for you: Purple Bomb, Berry Bomb, and Apple Bomb. Choose the one that is your cup of tea and get ready to inhale some marvelous puffs.

If you have ever wondered how does the blend of passion fruit, guava, and lime chiffon cake taste like, then Pink Cakes has the answer.

Surely, one of the most praised flavors is Dry Tobacco, which will help you satisfy all your tobacco cravings while delivering some spectacular puffs.


We have done our part by telling you everything we know about VGOD e-liquids that are even better than we initially expected. Now, you have to visit ApVapeShop and add your favorite juice to your cart. You will receive it on short notice, and even after the first puff, you will understand why these liquids are so popular.
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