VGOD Pod 1K Disposable - Wide Selections of Flavors

VGOD Pod 1K Disposable - Wide Selections of Flavors

Is your current disposable device’s life coming to an end and you are on the hunt for a new one that is going to award you with some stunning puffs? Well, we have some great news for you, because we are about to help you find a game-changing product super easy.

We are about to share with you all the details about one of our latest obsessions, and we are positive that after that you will want to try it out. VGOD Pod 1K is the newest member of the VGOD crew, and it has become of of the most wanted disposables on the market.

Besides some incredible features, one of the things, why we ended up liking this device so much, is its spectacular range of aromas we loved a lot. We tried them all so we can help you choose the one that will thrill your taste buds the most.


The Orbit of Flavors Like No Other 


As years are passing by, manufacturers are becoming more and more conscious that a great disposable device doesn't exist without even better options of flavors we can choose from. And when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind aromas, no one does it like VGOD labs, and they have proven that with each newly created product.

In the matter of 1K disposable, there are 10 original flavors to choose from. Each one provides an extra rich taste, so you will be craving some luscious puffs all day long. All of them are original in their way, and not even one of them left us disappointed.


Cooling Fruit Bombs Perfect for Warm Summer Days


One of the things that drew us the most to VGOD 1K was these bomb flavors we were very curious about. We wanted to find out what they taste like, and the first one on our list was Iced Mango Bomb. And wow, what a flavor! We are sure that it will blow you away as well because this blend of mango sweetness and refreshing iced menthol is something that you just have to experience.

Of course, we had to move on to another one, and our second choice was Iced Apple Bomb, so if this fruit is more up to your alley, you know what to do. From the first puff, you will be able to taste sour tartness mixed with the pleasantness of apples, and of course, menthol is there to keep you cool throughout the day.

Iced Purple Bomb tastes as good as it sounds. The powerful flavor of grapes is combined with frozen hints of menthol, and it is probably the best grape base flavor we have ever tried out. So, wait no longer, grab the one for you, and see why it is so popular.

The last bomb option that we believe will quickly become many vapers’ favorite is the Iced Berry Bomb especially designed for everyone who is on the constant hunt for a flawless and subtle mix of red apples, berries, and of course menthol. This remarkable taste is very satisfying and it will become your love at first puff.

Simple but Effective Aromas For Even the Most Demanding Vapers


Sometimes is the most difficult to create simple but at the same time very effective flavors of high quality. But, the inventors of VGOD Pod 1K Disposable Vape have managed to do that and as the result, we have a few amazing aromas.

The first one being Tropical Mango, which is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. You will taste the rich flavor of this succulent fruit while satisfying your nicotine craving at the same time. If you want something with a more refreshing aftertaste, then without any doubt you have to check Mighty Mint out. This extravagant pure menthol blend is the ultimate cooling flavor that will leave your taste buds chill all day long.

Cubano is for sure the staple flavor, and if you don’t know where to start and what would the perfect first pick be, we strongly believe this one is the best candidate. It is evergreen, and it provides a full flavor of Cuban cigars, but with a slight hint of vanilla. Also, Dry Tobacco is something that we gladly recommend, especially to anyone who still doesn’t want to give up on strong tobacco flavor yet.

The two last aromas we want to mention today are Crisp Apple and Lush Ice. The first is a mix of red and green fresh apples you will be wanting to taste the entire day. Finally, Lush Ice is a good known flavor, created to provide some luscious puffs to people who are fans of watermelon and menthol notes.  

As you can see, there is something for everyone. All you have to do is to pick your favorite one, add it to your cart, and continue your vaping adventure with one of the best disposables out there.


But, what makes it so good? Firstly, it will give you approximately 1000 puffs, which is for sure superb. The e-juice tank capacity is 4ml, and it is filled with 50 mg of salt nic. It is very sleek and compact, so carrying it with you anywhere you go won't be any problem. It comes in various colors, depending on the flavor. You can also be sure that any of the liquid will never be spilled, thanks to the innovative technology that is being used to create this item.

It is the perfect choice for anyone who is just getting into vaping because it requires zero maintenance. Once you receive it, unpack it and you are ready to go. It is draw-activated, so you can enjoy your puffs hassle-free. Also, once the battery runs off completely, you can simply toss it away, and maybe move on to another flavor.

Whenever you are ready to buy your first VGOD Pod 1K, head over to ApVapeShop, an online shop that offers only original products of the highest quality. There you can find the best selections of flavors, products, and accessories that can take your vaping to a completely new level.

And if you liked VGOD Pod 1K, make sure to check out the brand new VGOD Pod 4K available at AP Vape Shop.

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