VGod Pod 1k - One of the Most Popular Disposable Vapes

VGod Pod 1k - One of the Most Popular Disposable Vapes

VGod rarely makes mistakes when it comes to their vaping products, but this time they’ve made a huge step forward and manufactured a real treat for the disposables’ fans.

Even though their VGOD Stig brought them recognition from countless vapers around the USA, their new edition comes with almost 4X more puffs, a greater variety of flavors, and an improved design. 

If you are considering trying out a new disposable device that will be able to satisfy your nicotine cravings and provide a prolonged vaping venture, you’ll be happy to learn that VGod Pod 1k has everything you need. Still, you can stay with us and learn more about its traits as we are about to explore each of them. Also, feel free to contact our ApVapeShop vaping experts and get first-hand information anytime. 

New Appearance and Improved Battery

If you like VGOD Stig as most of us do, you’ll simply adore their new VGod Pod 1k series. It is slightly bigger than the Stig which is expected considering that it stores the larger battery and tank, yet you’ll be able to carry this disposable anywhere you go. 

Its new sleek and refined appearance will attract many of those who appreciate a well-designed disposable device, and the pod itself feels incredibly comfortable and lightweight while in hand. The rubber-made finish gives it an organic feeling, while the small round-shaped mouthpiece makes each draw as intense as the first one. 

It has a built-in battery of 650mAh, so it will allow you to take over one thousand puffs as this is what the ‘1k’ stands for. 

Larger E-liquid Tank and Superb Salt Nics for the Enhanced Vaping Adventure

With the 4ml e-liquid capacity, you’ll be able to enjoy VGod Pod 1k’s delicious taste and aroma for a couple of days. Each device is pre-filled with the premium quality salt nic e-liquid that promises a clean and simple vaping experience. You can forget about the annoying spills and leaks as it is almost impossible to have any with the new VGod Pod 1k.

The airflow is slightly tighter than with the previous edition, so you can expect a full nicotine buzz without any throat irritation thanks to the great salt nic e-liquids. Also, the vapor is dense, rich, and smells as good as it tastes, too!

What Are the Flavors Like?

When it comes to disposables’ flavors, manufacturers need to be as creative as possible to stand out from the competition. VGod did precisely that by ensuring that the vapers experience a real explosion of juicy flavors with each draw.

Whenever you see ‘bomb’ written after the given taste, this is exactly what you can expect. No matter if you go for Iced Mango Bomb, Iced Apple Bomb, or Iced Berry Bomb, you’ll be rewarded with an outstanding flavor that introduces an overpowering fruity taste better than the rest. The flavor is intense, nicely wrapped up with the gentle minty touch, and it lasts for some time after you take that soothing puff. 

If you like mango like the rest of us, their unique Tropical Mango flavor comes with a perfect combination of creamy, sour, and sweet tastes that you’ll simply adore. Lush Ice matches its name entirely as it promises more than just a fresh blast. It is rather rich and allows you to taste the mighty mint as never before. 

Still, if you wish to remind yourself of the potent tobacco flavor occasionally, Cubano and Dry Tobacco will surely help you on that one. Made from a premium tobacco leaf, these flavors will satisfy even the most enthusiastic tobacco lover but without the unpleasant smell and ash. 

Does VGod Pod 1k Offer a Good Value for Money?

What makes VGod Pod 1k so popular is both its great specifications and affordable price. If you are into disposables, you probably want to support your habit without spending too much money on it, but then again be sure that you have a high-quality product. 

With VGod Pod 1k, you’ll get exactly that. Even though there is a single device in each pack, keep in mind that you’ll get more than 1000 puffs from it, which is more than enough to stretch out for a few days. Another important thing to consider is buying from certified vaping stores exclusively.

It is not a secret that the market is overflown with fakes, so all you need to do to avoid being disappointed by the poor taste and defective device is visit our ApVapeShop and get your original product for an ultimately great price of only $12.95. Besides the reliable and free same-day shipping, we provide 24/7 customer support for your full convenience, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime you want. 

Also, don’t miss our Deals of the Day which bring great surprises and the newest vaping devices that come with a reduced price. After all, your satisfaction is our primal goal, so we promise to make things right if you are not fully content with the product you purchased from our store.
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