VGOD Stig - Ultra Portable Vape Device for People on the Go

VGOD Stig - Ultra Portable Vape Device for People on the Go

Widely recognized and respected among the vapers, VGOD is a company that never disappoints. Even though they are primarily manufacturing box and mech mods alongside a great variety of e-liquids, their latest addition of disposable vape pods had a warm welcome. 

It is most certainly not easy to be at the top in the highly competitive disposables market, but VGOD managed to do so by delivering another premium product that can satisfy even the most demanding vaper. All you need to do is give it a try. 

If you are looking for a simple and elegant yet considerably powerful disposable vape pen that will keep your nicotine level high throughout the day, then VGOD Stig might be the adequate solution for you. We are about to get specific about the device, so you can stay with us and learn all about it. 

Plain Design Yet Exceptional Performances

For their Stig series, VGOD went with their typical black and white color basis. The device is not larger than a regular lighter, portable, and draw-activated, and therefore free from any buttons. A small and discrete LED is placed on the base of the device and it will blink 3 times in a row once the battery is about to die. The mouthpiece is slightly narrowed to provide a comfortable feeling when vaping. 

Equipped with the 250mAh battery and 1.2ml liquid capacity, VGOD Stig will provide up to 270 puffs per device. If MTL vaping experience is what you came for, the Stigs is an excellent choice. Moreover, it incredibly resembles the traditional tobacco smoking sensation, so VGOD Stigs are attractive for the new converts too. 

Pre-filled and Pre-charged With the Top-Quality E-Liquid

From the humble beginnings up to the point where they became one of the most beloved vaping product manufacturers, VGOD didn’t change and spoil the winning e-liquid formula. The same rule applies to their Stig disposables. 

The vapor is dense yet delicate which will give you that pleasurable throat kicks you are anticipating. Even though the original nic salt e-liquid contains 6% nicotine, you don’t need to worry about your throat being over-irritated. VGOD made sure to avoid that by incorporating a seemingly regular coil which will still outmatch other ceramic-coil pod systems available on the market right now. This brings us to the most exciting part of VGOD Stig’s disposable vape – its lush and remarkable flavor. 

VGOD Stig Flavors

There are 8 flavors to choose from in total, and each of them is a must-try. Tropical Mango is a fine pick to start with since it has been favored amongst the vapers for a long time. It offers a nicely balanced sweet and refreshing taste with the bright almost tart mango flavor aftertaste. It is a good choice for a beginner thanks to its mild and sugary sensation. 

Cubano is intense just as you would expect from a hand-rolled premium cigar. What makes it so attractive is the blend of vanilla, nuts, and Cuban tobacco, so you’ll get the strong hit with the slightly sweet aftertaste. 

For the Mint lovers, Lush Ice and Mighty Mint will bring on the full flavor with the pleasant cold sting. The ultimately refreshing yet not overwhelming minty taste is often compared to a regular menthol cigarette, just without toxic components.  

Recently, it became harder to get a hand on the other 4 flavors from their palette, but you don’t need to waste your time endlessly searching since we at the AP vape shop have all of them. Check out our full offer and get your favorite taste even today. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the juicy berry-like Iced Grape Bomb and warm and nostalgic aroma of Apple Crisp

Is VGOD Stig Suitable for Beginners?

VGOD made sure to design and create a potent yet delicate device that is adequate for both experienced and beginner vapers. If you are a passionate smoker who wants to put an end to a destructive routine and switch to a better alternative, VGOD Stig disposables will do the job. On the other hand, 6% (60mg) of nicotine might be too much for those who don’t consider them heavy smokers. You can simply try it and decide for yourself. Stigs are super-easy to use, lightweight and small-sized, so you can carry them around in your pocket or purse.

The Content of the VGOD Stig Kit and Where to Buy It

The box comes with 3 separate devices with an integrated pod and battery unit. Each disposable is wrapped in a thin plastic foil while the mouthpiece has a rubber stopper. Once you remove both of those, your Stig is fully ready for the first draw.


The market is overflowing with fake VGOD Stig products, but AP vape shop offers an easy way out. We guarantee that you’ll get the authentic product every single time you do a purchase with us. Enjoy your shopping and expect fast and accurate delivery.
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