Vgod Stig vs. Vgod 1k Disposable Vape - Which One to Choose

Vgod Stig vs. Vgod 1k Disposable Vape - Which One to Choose

Vgod has been mainly recognized for their high-quality mods, yet they wanted to go a step further and treat us with equally excellent disposable vapes. Their first disposable edition was a huge success thanks to its small dimensions, elegant design, exciting flavor options, and satisfying throat hit, so producing another upgraded version of it came naturally for Vgod. 

It is always a pleasure writing comparison text about the premium disposable devices since you can’t go wrong with either, yet it is our duty to present you with the main differences between these two devices and help you pick the one which will answer all your demands. If you are eager to dive deep into the topic, we advise you to stay with us and enjoy the delicious adventure that we will gladly take you on!

In case you wish to speak to our Ap Vape Shop experts directly, don’t hesitate to call us anytime since it is our pleasure to help you choose the best possible option for you. 

Are You Looking for An Utterly Small and Discreet Disposable?

Even though modest dimensions are the trait that many of the disposables possess, Vgod Stig is one of the smallest disposables that you can find nowadays. 

It is not bigger than the regular USB, and its black color with the white logo on it gives it an elegant and subtle appearance which most adult vapers appreciate. Vgod Stig is made of plastic as a single piece with a comfortable rounded mouthpiece that fits the lips just nicely, and thanks to its rectangular shape with smooth edges, it fits the palm perfectly as well. 

Vgod 1k has a rubber-made finish which makes it impossible to slip out when in hand. 

Still, the all-new Vgod 1k disposable vape and its 16” x 16” x 94.5mm is also considerably smaller than many similar devices, yet it comes in multiple colors which sometimes fit and sometimes don’t fit the taste. However, the color nuances are gentle and subtle, so you won’t attract too much attention when vaping. 

All That Puffs!

A single difference that can determine which device will find its place among your disposables collection is the number of puffs. It is not difficult to guess that the miniature Vgod Stig comes with fewer puffs than its larger relative – approximately 300 of those. The tank comes with a 1.2ml capacity and a 250mah battery, and the device is ideal for MTL vaping thanks to its smooth and silky throat kick which is loved by many beginners. 

Vgod 1k comes with 1000 puffs as its name suggests which gives this device a huge advantage if the bigger number of puffs is what you are chasing. Thanks to its improved battery and a larger tank of 4 ml, this disposable could serve you for an entire week depending on your vaping habit. If we consider the fact that 300 puffs equals 60 cigarettes then 1000 of those is the same as 2000 of those which is 10 packs. Pretty impressive and exceptionally economic, don’t you think?

Still, keep in mind that Vgod has a nice surprise when it comes to the number of vapes per package – Stig comes with 3 editions in one. Therefore, there isn’t a huge difference when it comes to the number of puffs that you get from a single package, yet the price of Stig is much higher. 

Satisfying the Cravings Easily with the Higher Level of Nicotine 

Even though 1k is bigger and more powerful, Stig has a single advantage that could make it an ideal device for you – a higher level of nicotine in the given nic salts. It comes with 60mg of nicotine while its larger relative has 50mg. You might think that this is not a huge difference, yet you could potentially change your mind after the first puff. 

If you are a heavy smoker who is on the lookout for a disposable that promises a similar experience and feeling, a small Stig could satisfy your cravings and leave you in the good mood for longer. 

Vgod is famous for its original high-quality nic salts and the flavor delivery, which is consistent, intense, and clean at every draw, from the first until the last draw. Thanks to the superb coils, you’ll never be faced with the burnt or dull taste which applies to both Vgod devices. 

Are There Any Differences When It Comes to Flavor?

Vgod has a pretty straightforward flavor palette which consists of all the categories that we usually find within the disposables – tobacco, minty, and fruity. 

There isn’t a huge difference when it comes to the flavor palette, yet Vgod 1k comes with 1o variants while Vgod Stig has 8 of those. For those who like creamy and delightful mango, Tropical Mango is one of the best possible options you can find nowadays, while for those who are nostalgic about premium-quality tobacco, Cubano and Dry Tobacco offers the expected experience. 

There are multiple icy and fruity blends that will blow your mind – Iced Apple Bomb, Iced Purple Bomb, Iced Berry Bomb, and Iced Mango Bomb. Each edition has a clean fruity flavor with a subtle minty finish. Lush Ice and Mighty Mint are concrete and utterly refreshing variants, while Crisp Apple resembles the warm apple tart with a hint of vanilla ice cream.



As we mentioned, you will not be disappointed by any given device, yet we hope that the differences we presented you with could help you select the adequate one. Both devices are easy to use, don’t include any buttons or maintenance, and fit any pocket or purse, so are ideal for beginners and experienced vapers as well. 

The density of clouds is pretty decent for the disposables, and the aroma is intense and enjoyable which is great news for those who wish to switch from tobacco to vapes and get to enjoy the nice smell for a change. 

Whichever device you select, keep in mind that buying it at a certified online shop is the wisest idea since these stores guarantee the devices’ authenticity.

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