What are the Best Geek Bar Skyview 25000 Puffs Flavors You Can Try Out

What are the Best Geek Bar Skyview 25000 Puffs Flavors You Can Try Out

Let us all welcome together the device that vapers cannot stop talking about. Please, give us a round of applause for the one and only, Geek Bar Skyview 25000 Puffs, which have managed to become one of the most loved devices on the market in such a short period of time. And surely, we had to be among the first ones to give it a puff, and decide in which category to put it, into ‘pass’ or ‘not pass’.

And now, after testing it for a while, we can say with great certainty that it truly deserves all the praises that it has been getting, and in case you are on the hunt for a new puff-maker this one is an exceptional choice, and one of the reasons why we love it so much is its incredible range of aromas. We are 100% sure that regardless of your liking, you will be able to find at least one that will make your taste buds scream of joy.

Icy Flavors for Warm Summer 

Now that summer is officially here, we can see many vapers struggling to choose the right flavor that will help them get into the mood of a new season. But, we are here for all of you, to make your quests as easy as possible, and tell you why the newest Geek Bar Skyview 25000 Puffs is a device that will make all the vapers’ dreams into a reality. It is not only made to perform perfectly, but the manufacturers also had the intention to deliver new and never-before-seen aromas to the table, and to our satisfaction, they have really managed to do that.

Among the collection, you will see that many options have mint and ice in their names, which means only one. They will leave you instantly refreshed with each puff, and transform you straight from boiling streets into a freezing wonderland. So, having a mint-based aroma that tastes heavenly by your side, is truly a summer essential. Some of the options you can try out are Miami Mint, Cherry Lemon Mint, Strawberry Ice, Sour Apple Ice, and Blue Razz Ice. As you can see, some of them are exceptional blends of minty and fruity aromas, which are without a single doubt among the favorite ones for so many vapers. Each one of them is perfectly balanced, so you don’t have to fear tasting any strong notes that can destroy your vaping session. 

Tasty Fruity Options to Choose From  

Geek Bar has been setting the new trends that are shaping the future of vaping and that is why we always feel incredibly privileged to try out everything that comes out of their laboratory. Their devices are always extremely durable, which means that we can enjoy some uninterrupted vaping breaks any time we crave some delicious and most importantly high-quality puffs. As always their e-liquids are made using only high-quality ingredients, and Geek Bar Skyview is no exception.

Knowing that a great deal of users, including us, are fans of fruit-based aromas, this device is welcoming us with a few savory choices. If you don’t like to experiment a lot, you can start your journey with one of the simple aromas, such as Triple Berry, and Peach Raspberry. They are designed using notes that complement each other perfectly, and we recommend them to everyone who wants to savor some luscious puffs from time to time without compromise. 

For those who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone, we have some good news. Sour Watermelon Blue Razz is one of the juiciest aromas we have tried out recently, and it tastes like a piece of freshness, which all of us may need during these warm days. Another one of our favorites is the Strawberry Banana. It is a good old mix with a supreme taste, and with each draw, you will have a sensation as you are sipping a freshly made smoothie. Peach Blue Slushy, Peach Raspberry, and Cherry Strazz are also exceptional, so make sure to add them to your cart when making your purchase at ApVapeShop.

Prepare Your Taste Buds for the Supremacy of Taste With Geek Bar Skyview 

The first time we got our hands on this vape marvel, a few aromas caught our eyes instantly. We were mostly drawn by their names, and we had a feeling they would be something really special and unique. And dear reader, we weren’t wrong. 

Strawberry Watermelon Coconut is hands down, the best-made-up mixture on the market, and the way that sweet and refreshing fruits are balancing each other is out of this world. It is what we call a fine mouth-watering aroma, and you cannot miss it!

Moving on to the spectacular Sky Walker, which will make you always not only walk but run to enjoy some puffs that taste like a true segment of heaven. We don’t want to go in-depth when talking about this flavor, because we want you to be surprised when experiencing it. But believe us, you will love every single draw! Finally, we have Blackberry Fcuking Fab. And yes! It is fabulous and not trying it would be a true crime against vaping! 

Vaping is Always a Good Idea 

There are several yeses and nos of vaping and whether you are just stepping into the realm of it, or you have been vaping for quite some time, it is always important to choose your next vape device carefully. First and foremost always opt for well-renowned brands, so you can be sure you will treat yourself with nothing less than a premium vape product. In case you want to add a few more devices to your order when browsing through ApVapeShop, we advise giving Geek Bar Pulse X 25000 Puffs a go and checking out some of its aromas as well. There are 15 of them waiting for you, including two new Fcuking Fab options. 

For us, vaping is always a good idea, and in case you think the same, join us as we dive into its incredible universe. Let us take pleasure in some puffs, and have all the fun we can along the way!

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