What Does Smok Novo 4 25w Pod System Starter Kit Include?

What Does Smok Novo 4 25w Pod System Starter Kit Include?

When we say system starter kit, the majority of vapers start thinking about some bulky vape devices that take up a lot of space and are not very convenient to use. But, what if we tell you that we have finally come across a product that is super sleek and very easy to use, but it can still deliver some one-of-a-kind vaping experience you will fall in love with instantly? Would you believe us, or you would say that there is no such thing as a compact pod system starter kit?

Well, we are here to deliver some amazing news, and present you with one of the finest gadgets manufactured in a long time. Not only it looks amazing, but it performs even better. It is designed to meet to needs of even the most demanding vapers and to surpass all their expectations.

The star of our today’s article is Smok Novo 4 25W pod system starter kit, a vaper producer that will blow your mind. Our entire team has been using it for quite some time, and honestly, we are not planning to replace it anytime soon. It has made us remember why we love vaping, and we are sure that every one of you will thoroughly enjoy it as well.

Now, we are about to tell you what makes this device game-changing, and why you cannot continue your vaping journey without it by your side.


Looking for an Eye-Catching and Easy-to-Use Device? This One is For You!


Even though the design is not the most important thing when it comes to vape devices, still, without any doubt, it counts a lot. All of us want to enjoy some delicious hits from time to time, and that is why it is extremely important that we can take our favorite puff maker anywhere we go. That is why it is crucial that the device is portable, and that it can fit your purse or pocket impeccably. Sadly, not all products of this kind can do that, but luckily Smok Novo 4 25W pod system starter kit is an exception.

The look of it resembles the designs of disposable vapes, but with a huge difference in the way it works. It comes in 10 different color combinations, and each one of them is super eye-catching. It is easy to hold, and thanks to the super narrow mouthpiece, you can have some smooth hits whenever you crave some.

One of the things we also like about it is the fact that it is an easy-to-use item. You will learn how to make the most out of it in no time, and even if you have never used this type of product before, there is nothing to worry about. It is especially great for anyone who wants to quit smoking but still wants to have their daily nicotine intake.

But, even if you are a long-running vaper, we are sure that this item will suit all your needs. It is made using only top-notch components, and it is ideal for on-the-go vaping. It is also created using anti-leak technology, so you can use it stress-free, without having to worry about spilling or creating any mess.


Useful OLED Display Screen 


The great thing about pod systems is that they allow you to customize the way you vape, unlike some simpler devices that are made based on one size fits all principle. Smok Novo 4 25W vape pod system starter kit has an amazing OLED display screen that will show you all the needed information about the way you vape. You can adjust the wattage anywhere between 5-25W with the use of one button. Just turn it on and off, and you are all good. So, no matter what your likings are, this gadget has got you covered.

The size of the tank is also great for an item of this size. It can store up to 2ml of your favorite e-liquid, and in case you are on the hunt for some high-quality ones, you can check out the range of halo e-liquids that are some of our favorites. The pod is magnetic, so it will be very uncomplicated to add a few drops when it gets empty. Also, don’t forget that you need to replace pods from time to time, in order to have the finest vaping experience. Smok Novo 4 replacement pods are available at ApVapeShop, so you always buy them and make sure to have the best working device.



Supreme Coils


Coils are one of the most important components of each vape device, and having an enjoyable vaping without some supreme coils is impossible. Smok Novo 4 15W is equipped with some from the latest LP1 series in order to deliver satisfying vapor and full flavor. They have 3 silicone rings that prevent leaking, and it is key to change them regularly. So, always make sure to have a pack of replacement coils in your stack, and use them routinely.

This system is integrated with an 800mAh battery, that you can charge as soon as it runs off, using a type-C charging cable. Just make sure to use the cable you receive in the packaging and not some other. That is how you can prevent any damage, and keep your battery properly working for as long as it is possible. On the display, you will see the battery level, so you can always know when is the right time for charging.

The device can deliver a controlled stream of airflow in order to create the ideal draw. The hits are well,-balanced and you will not experience any throat irritation. Thanks to premium coils, you will not taste burnt hits, which are definitely something we all hate the most.

Overall, Smok Novo 4 25W vape pod system starter kit is ideal for all the vapers out there who want to step up their vaping game. This device can help you improve the way you vape and deliver some exquisite puffs. Whenever you are ready to make it a part of your life, visit one of the best online vape stores, ApVapeShop, and make your purchase.

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