What Is So Special About Vuse Alto and Vuse Alto Pods?

What Is So Special About Vuse Alto and Vuse Alto Pods?

If you are about to begin your vaping journey, or you’ve been vaping for some time but wish to reduce your regular nicotine intake, Vuse Alto and it's super-delicious Vuse Alto pods might be the thing you are looking for. Also, its new, redesigned editions are simply looking stunning and feel so comfortable in your palms and on the lips. 

This compact pod vape comes with pre-filled e-liquids which makes it incredibly easy to use and carry around wherever you go. Vuse did an excellent job with their automatic vape pod system, which is responsible for steady flavor quality and intensity, but also the all-day vaping without messy spill-outs and stains. In the end, they wanted to make sure that you get to enjoy their amazing flavors with less percentage of nicotine and remain satisfied and determined to quit smoking. 

Our certified ApVapeShop offers original Vuse Alto Pods and devices, so feel free to explore them on our website and keep in mind that you can give our vaping experts a call anytime if in a need of some valuable suggestions. If you wish to find out more about Vuse Alto, stay with us and we’ll make sure to share all the vital details about it. 

Vuse Alto Power Unit’s Specifications

First of all, Vuse Alto weighs only 22 grams which makes it almost unnoticeable in the pocket. Secondly, the battery life is quite long (350mAh) considering its size and weight since it will reward you with over 400 puffs. The LED lights indicate the battery status – from white when it’s full to red when the charge is low. 

There is a great feature of the vibrating mechanism that will help the consumer monitor consumption. It vibrates both when you put the pod into the battery and when you take fifteen hits in 15 minutes. 

The Vuse Alto power unit is made of aluminum material which gives that comfortable and soft feel when in hands, and we can’t overlook the fact that their devices look stunning. Slick, thin, elegant, and matte – a real treat for a serious vaper who appreciates stylish and minimalistic devices that don’t draw a lot of attention. Also, the device is completely silent as the sound it makes is constantly under 10 Db. 

Innovative Automatic Vape Pod System

Another reason Alto Vuse is still one of the most beloved vaping devices is surely the well-developed and manufactured vape pod system. Thanks to it, the whole experience is much more simplified, clean, and pleasurable. 

Thanks to the strong magnets that hold the pod tightly when inserted into the unit, the e-liquid remains in the tank and the battery is intact. This ensured a low defect rate to Vuse Alto’s devices, so you can rest assured that this device will serve you without any hassle and for a long time. 

What’s The Vaping Experience Like?

The first thing you’ll notice is how good the mouthpiece of the Vuse Alto pods feels on the lips. It is quite thin and just slightly narrowed down, but the real deal comes with the perfected airflow system that delivers the most satisfying MTL hit. 

Whether you took the first draw or are about to finish the pod, the flavor stays the same throughout the whole vaping journey. Thanks to a safely stored and stable heater, the vapor is dense, rich, and aromatic. As we mentioned, the device is simple to operate as it is draw-activated and requires zero upkeep. You don’t have to clean it like that’s the case with the other similar pod system devices as the leaks are exceptionally unusable with the Vuse Alto. 

Vuse Alto Pods and Flavors

They thought about everyone at Vuse as their pods come with three different nicotine strengths – 1.8%, 2.4%, and 5.0%. By using Vuse Alto, you can actually reduce your nicotine intake over time if that’s the goal you wish to achieve. 

Whether you’ve chosen the stronger or weaker option, the throat hit is quite pleasurable and convenient as you’ll hardly ever experience throat irritation thanks to the advanced vape pod system and airflow. 

The other thing greatly appreciated by the smokers who wish to transition to vaping without frustrations is that there are two high-quality tobacco-flavored pads among Vuse Alto pods offer. Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco Pods offer one of the boldest yet brightest tobacco flavors you’ll find on the market right now, while the Vuse Alto Rich Tobacco Pods reward you with the full, more mature, and darker blend. 

Of course, there is always an option for those who love the refreshing and intensely minty flavor as Vuse Alto Menthol Pods offers precisely that with a subtle icy finish. 

We at ApVapeShop offer original and fresh Alto Vuse Pods and will provide you with a 1-year warranty for our Vuso Alt power unit. Also, you can get in touch with us anytime as we have 24/7 customer support for your convenience.
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