What is the Difference Between Regular Nicotine and Synthetic Nicotine?

What is the Difference Between Regular Nicotine and Synthetic Nicotine?

When it comes to the world of vaping, we come across various questions people are curious about all the time. And one of the most asked ones is for sure related to the difference between what we call regular nicotine, and the new kind, known as synthetic nicotine.

Even if you have just recently started your vaping journey, we are sure you have heard about both, but there is a strong possibility you have been confused and not sure what both terms stand for, but mostly what is the difference between these types of nicotine.

So, to make things clear once and for all, today, we will talk about what regular and synthetic nicotine are, and why they are different, and based on that, you can easily choose which side you are on.


Normal Nicotine-The Widely Used Kind 

Before we go any further, let's talk a bit more about regular nicotine, which has been present among users for years upon years, but sadly, there is a lot of stigma about it up to this day.

In its natural form, nicotine has a crystalline form, which gives it a stable chemical structure. After the initial extraction, nicotine is deprotonated. After that process, we are left with regular freebase nicotine. That form has been used in e-liquids for a very long time because our bodies absorb freebase nicotine very easily. And that for sure makes it very suitable for vaping, which is for us, very important.

99% of regular nicotine is derived from tobacco, in whose leaves we can find a high concentration of nicotine. So, basically, we can say that regular nicotine is created by converting the actual nicotine into its purest form. That is why, during vaping, we can get a very strong hit, but, for some people, especially beginners, that hit can be overly strong. So, that is something to pay attention to.

It is a choice of many people who are just starting their transition from regular to e-cigarettes because regular nicotine feels the closest to cigarette smoking.

In comparison to synthetic nicotine, which we are going to talk about in continuation, regular nicotine is slightly cheaper because it is easily accessible. Also, it contains fewer additives and has longer-lasting effects.

Yet, it provides slower absorption, and as we have already mentioned, it will provide you with a harsher hit, which at the same time can be pros and cons, depending on your needs.


Synthetic Nicotine - The New Way Of Vaping You Should Know About 

Now, let us talk about synthetic nicotine because we cannot wait to tell you everything we know about it. We are starting to see a lot more of it as time passes because so many vapers are turning to it as their nicotine of choice.

It is made in the laboratory, and the main goal is to make a nicotine chemical structure without using tobacco. That is for sure, the main and biggest difference between regular and synthetic kinds.

Synthetic one is actually emulating regular nicotine compounds found in tobacco leaves. That is the reason why it has the same effect on our bodies. So, the process of making is completely different.

During the process of creating synthetic nicotine, the raw materials are synthesized into a nicotine compound. Currently, on the market, there are two companies that are supplying us with synthetic nicotine, Next Generation Labs, where they made popular tobacco-free nicotine, and CNT, and thanks to them, we can find this nicotine form inside our vaping devices.

Since there are trace impurities in regular nicotine, it can sometimes have a bit of an odd flavor. In comparison, synthetic will deliver a more natural one, which is for sure a huge plus.

Also, for the production of synthetic nicotine, we don’t need enormous tobacco farms, which, based on some studies, can be very harmful to our environment and people working on farms as well.

In comparison, when it just appeared, synthetic nicotine is now way less expensive, and therefore also more accessible.


Which One to Choose?

At the end of the day, we cannot tell you which type is better. It all comes down to your personal preferences, and of course mostly, what you really want to taste when inhaling some puffs.

We can say that, sure, there are differences between synthetic and regular nicotine, and you should not take them for granted. Firstly, bear in mind that both have the same chemical structure, just one is artificially made, which can make it somehow safer because it doesn’t contain impurities from tobacco plants. It is good to know that synthetic nicotine is approved by FDA, and that is why nowadays there are so many manufacturers that are opting for this nicotine option. But, because it is odorless, it is easy to make it into a wide range of flavors and deliver a super-smooth vaping experience that so many people are on the hunt for. There are so many brands that use synthetic nicotine, so in case you are curious to test it out, we are sure you will find many devices that can award you with numerous puffs.

So, pick the option that suits your liking, but also your pocket, the most, and find a device that contains the chosen e-juice. As always, we cannot recommend enough checking out the best online store ApVapeShop. Here, you can find the biggest selection of different devices, e-liquids, and even accessories that can help you bring your vaping game to a completely new level.

In case you have any doubts, and you are still not sure which nicotine type to choose, make sure to chat with our knowledgeable agents. They will answer all your questions and help you pick only the finest option. We are looking forward to supplying you with only genuine and high-quality products, so don’t waste your time, see everything that we have to offer, and treat yourself with a brand new vaping gadget.

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