What Is Tobacco-Free Nicotine?

What Is Tobacco-Free Nicotine?

If you are new to vaping, you may probably get confused by a bunch of terms being thrown at you all the time. It can be very confusing to understand what is what, what are the parts of your vape, what is their role, which one is better than the other, and so on. But, honestly, we have noticed that even some experienced vapers have trouble with figuring everything out, but luckily, we are here to help you with that process.

Today, we are here to discuss everything tobacco-free nicotine related and to help you understand what that is. You have probably already noticed that many vapes contain synthetic-free nicotine, but if you want to have the finest possible vaping experience, it is important to know what that is, and decide whether it suits you.

So, pay close attention to what we are about to tell you, because the more knowledge you have about vaping, the easier is going to be for you to buy a device that will cater to all your needs. Not all devices are suitable for all vapers, so make sure you find the perfect one!


Tobacco-Free Nicotine? Is That Something Worth My Attention?

Recently we have seen more and more manufacturers coming out with products that are tobacco-free nicotine based, and believe that this trend won't go away anytime soon. But because it is a fairly new invention, many people may still be confused about what it actually is. Just like with every other thing, there is also a lot of misconceptions about synthetic-free nicotine, and we will try to clarify them for you.

Tobacco-free nicotine is also called synthetic nicotine since it is made in the laboratory. The main idea behind synthetic nicotine is the creation of the nicotine chemical structure as we know it,  but without using tobacco.

Its role is to emulate the original nicotine compound that is found in tobacco. It will have the same effect on the body, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing anything new when vaping using tobacco-free nicotine. The process will still be the same, but only the creation of nicotine will be different, but in a good way. All the things you love about nicotine will be present in tobacco-free nicotine, therefore you will still be able to satisfy your cravings and enjoy some great hits from time to time.


How Is Tobacco-Free Nicotine Different From Tobacco-Based Nicotine and Which One Is Better?

As we have already briefly mentioned, the biggest difference between these two products is the process of their making. Making tobacco-based nicotine is fairly simple. The tobacco plant is being processed, and during the extractions, manufacturers get the nicotine compound from it.

But, when making synthetic nicotine, the process is not the same. The main goal is to eliminate any organic matter, and not utilize the actual tobacco plant. Because of that, manufacturers don’t need big farms anymore, since they can make everything in the labs. There, raw material is synthesized into a nicotine compound that is used later on. All of this makes tobacco-free nicotine the purest version of nicotine that is currently available on the market, which is pretty impressive.

Also, another benefit of synthetic nicotine is the fact that it doesn’t contain any unnecessary scent that tobacco-based nicotine may have in order to cover up the taste of tobacco. And of course, the fewer chemicals are being used to make something, the better. Synthetic nicotine has no smell or taste, which will make vaping flavored e-juices better.

When it comes to answering which version is better, that may be a bit tricky, because we cannot say that any device containing nicotine is 100% safe. Yet, since it doesn’t contain any impurities from the tobacco plant, in this case, we have to say that tobacco-free nicotine is a clear winner.

Don’t forget that nicotine is highly addictive, so bear that in mind when you start vaping. So, even if you decide to use synthetic nicotine, use it responsibly. Vaping may be a great option for anyone trying to finally quit smoking, but they are still not ready to quit nicotine completely. Vaping is proven to be 95% safer than smoking, so it is something you may consider as an option without any doubts.


Who Makes Synthetic Nicotine?

Just as we said, tobacco-free nicotine is a relatively new player in the game, so not all big brands have started making it. But also, synthetic nicotine may be more expensive than tobacco-based one, which may be one of the reasons why not all brands are willing to start using it.

Probably the best known for tobacco-free nicotine is Next Generation Labs, which designs TFN nicotine, which is probably the most popular one. Many vapers simply call all tobacco-free nicotine TFN, and that is the name that has been slowly becoming the most used. The other big manufacturer is CNT, and their synthetic nicotine is also very well known.


Should I Choose Tobacco-Free Nicotine?

Well, based on everything we have said in today’s article, the simple answer would be yes, go ahead and try out tobacco-free nicotine. That is how, you can be sure that you are staying away from tobacco impurities, which can be very harmful. And of course, if we can avoid hazardous chemicals, it is imperative to do so.

You will experience the best flavor of nicotine, which will for sure immensely improve the quality of your vaping. The good news is that with many products you can even choose the nicotine strength, and customize the way you vape completely. If you are a beginner, always go for less percent of nicotine, but if you have been vaping for a while, you may allow yourself to use higher strength.


Whenever you are ready to start your vaping journey, or to improve it with some high-quality devices, make sure to visit the best online vape shop, ApVapeShop, and find everything you need in one place at the lowest prices.

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