Which Flavors Glamee Nova 4000 Puffs Offers?

Which Flavors Glamee Nova 4000 Puffs Offers?

One of the first things all of us notice when it comes to a vaping device we consider buying is for sure its selection of flavors. Some people decide to stick to more or less the same aromas, while others like to experiment and give their taste buds a new experience. Because of that, in our opinion, a product must come in a wide range of flavors that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding vapers out there.

Therefore, we are very proud to tell you that we have encountered a disposable that has one of the best ranges of unique tastes we have ever seen. Today, we are introducing you to the one and only Glamee Nova 4000 Puffs you will absolutely adore.

It comes in numerous delicious flavors you can choose from any time, and among them, you can find some good old classics but also some quite original ones we couldn’t wait to try out. After tasting each one of them, we have to admit that we were surprised by the fact how much we liked them all.

That is why we are here to present them to you and give you an insight look at one of the bestselling long-lasting vape devices on the market. All you have to do after reading this text is head over to ApVapeShop, pick the aroma you are the most thrilled about, and enjoy some marvelous puffs as soon as you receive the item on your doorstep.


Did Someone Mention Fruity Flavors? Well, You Have Come to the Right Place!


It is widely known that so many people who love vaping just cannot say no to a good fruity flavor. It seems that no one understands that better than Glamee, because its team of experts has managed to create a few fruit combinations that left us in awe.

The very first one we tried was Apple Banana, and we were shocked by how perfectly balanced the sweet and glazed taste of the banana was with the mild acidity of the apple. After that, we moved on to Blueberry Raspberry Lemon, and one more time we were blown away. We know how difficult is to combine these three fruits and make them taste amazing. Yet, somehow, with Glamee Nova that is possible, and each puff we took was very yummy.

We were curious to know if the rest of the fruit range was equally good, so we moved on to Passionfruit Mango, a perfect blend of fresh mango and sweet-tart passion fruit that will add up a lot to your vaping experience.

Peach Mango is just what its name suggests, a simple yet very effective combo of ripe mango and sweet peach you can taste with each inhale. If you want to spice this flavor up a little bit, you can opt for Peach Mango Watermelon, which is a perfect choice for the long summer days that are ahead of us.

While we are on the topic of watermelon, which is for sure many people's favorite taste when buying Glamee Nova, now you can experience some insanely good flavors that consist of this delightful fruit. The first is Strawberry Watermelon, probably the ultimate summery flavor ever made. But if you are a fan of sweets, and you want some sugary punch with each puff, then we have two options for you. The first one is Watermelon Candy, and the second is Watermelon Chew, which has a hit of gummy candy you cannot resist. Finally, Raspberry Watermelon is at your disposal, so get ready for the ideal blend of sour raspberries and juicy watermelon.

But we are still not finished with fruit options. We cannot fail to mention a few more that caught us off guard by their taste intensity. So, let's begin with two strawberry options that were love at first inhale. Strawberry Banana will provide you with tangy strawberry and tropical banana flavors you will feel from the first until the last puff. But, we have to admit that one of the aromas we liked the most was Strawberry Cream, which award us with a hint of whipped vanilla cream that made our mouth water. A similar effect gave us Shake Shake as well because, besides blueberry and strawberry aroma, it also contains our favorite vanilla ice cream. If you would like to elevate this flavor to a new level, well, believe it or not, that is possible as well. Especially for you,  Taro Ice Cream is designed and successfully mixes creamy vanilla custard and nutty taro. It will transport you straight to the beach and make you enjoy puffs all day long.

Finally, we will list some well-known fruit options that for sure can never fail to disappoint you and trust us when we say that nobody makes them as good as Glamee. Some of the ones we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy are Blueberry Pineapple, Orange Pineapple Citrus, Raspberry Peach, Apple Peach, Blueberry Blackcurrant, Red Apple, and Sour Apple. 

It is more than obvious that no matter how peculiar your taste for fruity flavor is, there is no chance you won't find the one you like from this superb range. There is something for anyone, whether you are a fan of tart, zesty, tangy, or maybe sweet aromas. So, pick the one that calls your name and get ready for spectacular puffs.


Icy Flavors for Warm Days


Of course, we cannot call a flavor selection great without some out-of-this-world icy aromas.

We shall start with Baby Blue Razz Ice, which will add a bit of frost to the sweet blue raspberry flavor. Another one with a great twist is Banana Ice, perfect for anyone who loves the pure taste of this fruit, but still wants to have a refreshing aftertaste. Berry Orange Ice, Peach Ice, and Kiwi Berry Ice will do the same, but just with different fruit combinations. If you don’t want to give up watermelon by any chance, we’ve got you covered. Fusion Lush Ice is here to give a pinch of menthol to your well-loved summer fruit, while Chocolate Mint is in charge of everyone with sweet teeth.

But, probably the ultimate menthol flavors we can not recommend enough are Mighty Mint, Cool Mint, which provides a double intake of mint, and aroma called Clear, which has no flavor but thanks to menthol the super fresh aftertaste will always be present.


Strange Names for the Finest Aromas 


The team who designed Glamee Nova tried to bring some new flavors on the market and gave them some cool names that can keep us guessing what they truly stand for.

Energy Drinks is one of them, and if you are someone who enjoys these types of drinks, you know what to do. If you are curious to find out what Fantasy Love tastes like, you will just have to give it a puff and find out.

The same goes for Hawaii POG, Rainbow, Fantasy Cotton, Oatmeal Pudding, Mango Mojito, Jungle Juice, and Key Lime Pie. Spoiler alert: they all taste like heaven! So, no matter which one you decide to choose, you will not go wrong.

Before we go, we have to say that for all those who cannot stay away from the taste of tobacco, Tobacco and Tobacco Red are here for you.


We did our best to explain what these high-quality aromas taste like, but not until you enjoy these 4000 puffs by yourself, you will get the chance to know how amazing they are. So, wait no longer, grab your Glamee Nova 4000 Puffs and continue your vaping journey with one of the best products by your side.

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