Which Flavors Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 Puffs Offers?

Which Flavors Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 Puffs Offers?

New article, a new superb range of flavors, which we advise you to check out. Today, we are presenting you with the newest Naked addition, whose features and collection of aromas have left us in awe, and quite frankly, that doesn’t happen very often.

Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 puffs disposable is the new and improved version of Naked 100 Max that we thoroughly enjoy using for a very long time. So, as soon as we heard that this version was out, we had to jump on the wagon and give it a puff. Luckily, we did that, because this item is currently one of our favorites.

It is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding vapers, especially those who are on the hunt for some original and great-tasting aromas. When buying Naked 100 Max G-Box, you can choose between 10 mouthwatering flavors, and to make the purchase easier for you, we have tried them all. Therefore, now we are going to tell you a bit more about them, and hopefully, you will be intrigued to test out at least one of them. So, without any further ado, here are the 10 game-changing aromas that are waiting for you!


Impeccably Crafted Fruit Blends


It is widely known that each great vape aroma selection has to include a few original fruit mixtures that will excite your taste buds with each inhale. Luckily, the designers of Naked 100 Max G-Box are fully aware of that fact, and that is why they brought several options to the table.

We would like to start with one of our favorite aromas, that we cannot stop recommending to everyone, and that is Aloe Pineapple. It will deliver tropical vibes with each inhale, and you will fall in love with perfectly balanced notes of sweet and tart pineapple and rich aloe.

If you are looking for some strawberry-based aromas, we have two for you, and it is hard to decide which one is better. The first one is the Strawberry Sour Belt, which provides a true explosion of flavor. The ripe strawberry is blended with sour candy, and this match is really made in heaven. The other option is for those who are fans of citrusy tastes, and it is called Strawberry Lemon. With each inhale you will be welcomed with fresh strawberries, while on the inhale you will taste zesty sour lemon that adds a delicious twist.

The fruit flavor section doesn't end here. You can also check out Hawaiian Pog, whose name we like a lot! It combines sweet passionfruit, tangy orange, succulent pineapple, and finally, there is an exotic taste of guava. This aroma will take you on a tropical holiday every time you decide to treat yourself to a puff.

Lastly, you can enjoy Apple Sour Belt, and find out how crisp apples and sour candy taste when combined together. You will have a feeling like biting a fresh apple, and you can enjoy that sensation for days.


Fans of Ice Aromas: These Ones Are For You 


More and more vapers are turning to buying some menthol-based e-juices because they want to experience fresh aftertaste all day long. If you are one of them, you will be happy to hear that Naked 100 Max G-Box 5500 puffs comes in 4 outstanding cooling options, and each one is made using only top-quality ingredients.

The first one we like to mention is simply called Mint, but its taste is far more complicated and rewarding. When using it, you will experience a true fresh mint blast that is the perfect choice for all-day vaping. If you want a mint aroma with a twist, you can opt for Lush Ice, which is an ideal combo of watermelon, and, of course, a pinch of menthol. It will undoubtedly jumpstart your taste buds and deliver one of the most luscious flavors we have ever tasted.

Another amazing ice flavor is Cherry Ice, so if you are a fan of this fruit, do not wait any more, since this aroma is a must-try one! It is super smooth, and one of the most loved ones from this bunch. There is also Straw Lime  Surely, we must not forget to mention the popular Blue Razz Ice, which mixes raspberry and menthol impeccably. Menthol fan vapers will definitely enjoy this aroma that has a unique creamy finish, which makes it extra special.

Finally, you have to know that Naked 100 Max G-Box is also available in a flavor named American Patriot and its taste is out of this world. It is a pure, rich tobacco aroma, with a slight hint of cinnamon you just have to try.

We are sure that out of these 10 options, you will like at least one, if not maybe even more. But, one thing is for sure. After trying out the first one, you will be amazed by its quality, and you will for sure try more aromas in the future.


Spectacular Device that Provides Numerous Puffs 


When it comes to Naked 100 Max G-Box, it will provide you with approximately 5500 puffs you can enjoy for days upon days. It is a very long-lasting device pre-filled with 14 ml of 5% salt nic juices. One of the best things about this gadget is that it features an adjustable airflow system. Thanks to it you can control the airflow and customize it completely to your personal preferences.

Also, an auto-resistance system is included to prevent dry hits which could be a huge inconvenience for the vapers. Mesh coil technology is there to make this device longer lasting and, most importantly, better tasting than many other similar devices on the market.

It is very compact, so carrying it around is as easy as it gets. Since it is draw-activated disposable, we can even recommend it to vapers that are not very experienced and searching for a product that can give them a hassle-free experience.


The entire selection of Naked 100 Max G-Box aromas is available on ApVapeShop, so don’t wait any longer! Visit the best online vape store, order the one you like, and get ready to set off on an unforgettable vaping adventure. 
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