Which Salt Bae Drip Pro 6500 Puff Disposable Flavor to Choose?

Which Salt Bae Drip Pro 6500 Puff Disposable Flavor to Choose?

Are you ready to treat your taste buds with some of the most luscious vape flavors that money can buy but you don’t know which ones to opt for? If that is the case, don’t go anywhere, because today we are here to deliver yet another amazing recommendation and, as always, help you make the right choices.

The king of all disposables, Salt Bae Drip 6500 puffs, has recently hit the market and taken it by storm. But, that comes as no surprise considering its amazing features and even better selection of flavors that can satisfy the needs of each vaper. When visiting ApVapeShop and buying this item, you can go ahead, and add to your cart one of, or even maybe more, ten splendid aromas that will amaze your taste buds with each puff.

When it comes to the best vaping experience, we believe that flavors really matter. That is why we have made sure we offer only the best flavors, and those created by Salt Bae for sure fit that category. So, here they are! The majestic ten aromas you can enjoy any time you want!


Various Delicious Aromas You Can Not Get Enough Of


Each vaper knows that each great aroma collection has to have numerous fruit options that will swipe us from our feet. And we are pleased to let you know that when it comes to Salt Bae Drip Pro, there are various fruit blends at your disposal.

The first one we would like to mention is Blue Raspberry Lemon which will give nothing less than an impeccable puff. It is an unbelievably tasty aroma that will keep you pleased as long as you use this device. This charming fruit trio is ready to provide the most satisfying vaping journey, so get ready to set off to one.

The next aroma that will deliver one of the best vaping experiences you can imagine is Mango Aloe. Each puff is going to be super smooth, and this mixture is carefully crafted for your enjoyment. Aloe vera and juicy mango are the perfect match and now you can taste that all the time thanks to this superb aroma.

There is also a slightly improved version of this flavor, and that is Peach Mango Watermelon, and you can still taste sweet mango, but now it is accompanied by secular peach and refreshing watermelon. It is a perfectly balanced flavor that tastes like a piece of heaven.


Sweet Strawberries Everywhere!


If you, just like we are, enjoy strawberries and you are willing to try out all the flavors that are based on them, then you should know that when buying Salt Bae Drip Pro you are left with three delicious strawberry aromas. And we love them all!

Strawberry Kiwi is divine refreshment, and it impeccably combines juicy strawberries and tangy kiwis. It is a sweet and crisp sensation you will taste with each inhale!

If this is not your cup of tea, make sure to check out Strawberry Lychee, designed to transfer you to a tropical paradise with the first puff. This sweet and tart fusion is very exotic, and if you are ready to try it out, you know what to do!

Lastly, there is Strawberry Watermelon that is extra fresh, and probably the most summery flavor of this bunch. It is a mouth-watering fruit explosion that each vaper has to taste at least once.


Coolness Is on the Way 


Don’t worry, we are not going to forget to share some extraordinary mint aromas you can make part of your collection. This time, you can pick between 4 of them, and no matter which one you decide to purchase, you will not go wrong since all of them are made using only high-quality ingredients.

Iced Blueberry is here to bring coolness with each hit, and leave you with a fresh aftertaste. It will relax your taste buds instantly and you will always want to have this irresistible and rich combination by your side.

If you are a more honeydew type of vaper, feel free to choose Iced Honeydew, and treat yourself with freezing cold menthol and light honeydew melon at the same time. It will provide a delicious flavor on every draw we are sure you will adore.

Did somebody say Iced Cola? Well, it seems that Salt Bae Drip Pro creators have heard you and crafted an aroma that delivers the taste of everyone’s favorite drink but with a hint of mint to make it even better. This e-juice is like no other, so make sure not to skip it.

Finally, Iced Wintergreen has come to show us what the real ice aroma tastes like! The mixture of wintergreen flavor of mint and menthol is just what you need for all-day vaping. It is one of those flavors that is always great to have around and take advantage of whenever you want to refresh yourself.


So, whether you are searching for exceptional fruit aromas or even better, iced ones, Salt Bae Drip Pro is here to deliver everything you need! With this device by your side, you will get approximately 6500 puffs, which is excellent!

Before leaving you, we have to mention that this gadget has one of the best designs we have seen recently. It is super sleek, raindrop-shaped disposable, made using durable materials, and finished off with a soft silicone mouthpiece.

Inside you will find 13ml of already pre-filled e-juice, and in order to use every single drop, the device is made using a rechargeable battery. It is a draw-activated product, and on it, you won't find any buttons. The nicotine level is 5%, and that is why it is perfect for beginners as well, who don’t won't end up with any throat irritation.

Salt Bae Drip Pro is available on ApVapeShop, so as soon as you decide to test it out, visit our favorite online vape store. Here, you will find only high-quality and genuine disposables, but also great selections of accessories, e-juices, and many more.
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