Which Vape Trends We Can Expect in 2022?

Which Vape Trends We Can Expect in 2022?

Vaping industry is constantly growing and changing, and it is very challenging to predict trends that will remain and grow in the future. New devices are being released almost daily, and you might find it hard to stay up-to-date with all those innovations.

One thing is for sure, the restrictions that popped up engaged manufacturers to design and develop new technologies that will help them overcome these strict rules and please the consumers. 

It is expected that many of the existing trends will remain popular in the future, but there will also be new ones that will change the way we vape. Although it is hard to define everything that the vape industry will bring in 2022, we can provide the list of the top vaping trends for the next year:


1. Smartphones Will Be Included 

Not so long ago, the integration of smartphones into the vaping industry seemed impossible. However, they are slowly becoming part of it. This evolution is slow, but it is expected that it will gain pace in the following year. The Bluetooth feature that smartphones have will be used to allow users easy access to vaping. It is even expected that people will be able to use Google maps to locate vape clubs and shops near them. Some predictions even say that there will be smartphones with integrated vaporizers. Imagine that you are calling someone and vaping at the same time, how cool is that?


2. Nic Salts Will Become Even More Popular

It is well known that nic salts are already a popular choice for many people. In 2022 you can expect that nic salts will be even more refined than they are today. The goal is to make smoother hits and to do that, the leading companies in the vaping industry will probably try to lower the pH value. The quality of these types of e-liquids will remain on top because it is important to impress even the most demanding vapers. 


3. Smaller Vape Devices

As you can see, most vape devices are compact, and the goal is to make them even smaller. It is expected that in the future vaporizers will be hardly noticeable and much easier to carry in a pocket than it is today. People will be able to vape anywhere without attracting attention, and that is something that most vapers want. 


4. Improved Vape Batteries

Today there are vape devices with powerful batteries like LOY XL disposable vape which can deliver over 1500 puffs. Also, there are vape kits with rechargeable batteries, and it is expected that new vape devices will be able to charge faster and there might be a wider selection of external batteries in 2022. 


5. Vape pens Will Still Lead

Among the most popular vape devices are definitely vape pens. The main reason for that is because they bring the most similar experience to a smoking ritual. It is expected that vape pens will also be improved in the next year, and they will probably include more features than they do now. 


6. Flavored Vaping Devices Will Remain on Top

Vaping is a lot more than enjoying nicotine. In the future, we can expect more flavored vapes because no matter how many aromas are already there, people are simply craving for more. The popularity of flavored e-liquids will grow and this trend will definitely last for a very long time. 


As you can see, some of the current trends will remain popular, plus there will be many new ones. If you want to be up to date with the latest vape products, you will need a reliable companion such as ApVapeShop. 

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