Whiff Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs - Flavor Options

Whiff Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs - Flavor Options

There is a great chance you’ve at least heard of Whiff disposable vapes if not tried them as they are currently one of the hottest selling vapes in the market. 

Unique design, powerful battery, consistent flavor delivery, and exceptional MTL vaping experience are the traits that make Whiff so special, but above all, their attractive and rich flavor selection is what truly puts a spotlight on this device. Thanks to the power range of 7W-12W and 1.0.ohm resistance, vaping with Whiff is enjoyable as it gets since you’ll get a smooth yet intense hit with every draw without throat irritation or burnt taste. 

This combination of technically exceptional devices and premium-quality e-liquids is what makes Whiff vapes so delicious and durable, so if you wish to learn more about why so many vapers have included Whiff disposables into their routine, stay with us. We will cover all 21 amazing flavors and reveal the blends that stand behind intriguing titles. Still, a little mystery didn’t hurt anyone, so we’ll try to bring you closer to the flavors as much as possible, but the only way to truly understand why everyone adores them is to simply give them a try. After all, Whiff vapes come with a price under $15 and more than 2000 puffs which are more than a good deal. 

The Device’s Tech Specs That Support the Impeccable Flavor Delivery

We’ve mentioned some of the specifications that make Whiff vape flavor delivery consistent and powerful, yet we can’t go on further without covering all of it. So, Whiff comes with a 900mAh built-in battery and 6.0.ml tank which is enough to provide you with over 2000 puffs – all tasty and flavorful, from the first and until the last one. 

The device is draw-activated, easy to carry around, and lightweight (only 42 grams) even though it might look a bit oversized at the first glance. The input voltage is 3.6V which means you’ll get a chance to taste each flavor to the maximum with each puff without harming the coil and the lifespan of the device. With Whiff, everything is well-balanced which brings us to the essence of it – the incredibly satisfying flavor selection where each blend brings in new sensations and stimulates the taste buds as never before. 

Whiff Vape Pure Fruity Blends

Let’s begin with the gentle yet mighty Strawberry Tango which is a blend of ripened strawberries and creamy tropical mang nicely wrapped up in the smooth icy finish. Strawberry Banana gives that smoothie-like feeling where you can taste both flavors individually to the fullest, while Strawberry Watermelon ensures a slightly more refreshing and open taste. 

Apple Kiwi is a real treat as you wouldn’t expect these two fruits to coexist in such harmony. With the slightly sour taste at the beginning which shortly transforms into a tart-like delight, this disposable will surely become one of the first picks for the upcoming summer season.

Strawberry Grape – a must-try for those who like luscious and sour grape flavor enriched with the light sweetness of ripened strawberries. And the most delicious for the end – Blue Dream which is a real treat for those who like berries as this flavor is a blend of the best – blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry. 

Pure Ice and Fruity-Icy Blends

Whiff did an amazing job with the icy and fruity blends as you’ll taste the fruit to the fullest without an overwhelming minty kick. 

Mango Melon Ice will take you on a tropical adventure where your taste buds will crave for more after each puff, while their hottest-selling Grape Ice and Banana Ice promise a full fruity flavor with a subtly sweet minty wrap-up that comes at the end. Lush Ice is a powerful minty disposable that is primarily made for those who are up for a prolonged refreshing vaping journey, while the Mint Ice is slightly smoother and ideal for an-all-day vaping since its intensity is lower than with the Lush Ice. 

All The Rest that You Were Wondering About!

Unicorn definitely deserves to be the first on the list of uncategorized since it is already a disposable vape evergreen. Juicy, sweet, and fresh watermelon taste combined with the minty ending, and all that is a wonderfully designed black device that looks both attractive and minimalistic – what is there not to like? For those who like utterly sweet candy-like flavor, Whiff made sure to produce two special editions – Candyland and Bubble Gum

Now, New York stands for the rich, juicy, and crispy blend of red and green apples, and even though you might have tried the apple blends with similar devices, Whiff did a great job of balancing between sweet and sour tastes with this one. With Whiskey, you’ll get what you see – an intense hit of robust grain-like flavor that resembles the worldwide popular drink as much as possible, while the Lychee Martini offers the same experience just a bit gentler yet exotic. 

Strawberry Milkshake is creamy and super-sweet, so it is perfect for those who wish to indulge the senses without any calorie intake. Iced Coffee brings in the clean and concrete Arabica taste, yet it might be too intense for those who appreciate all-day vaping and make small pauses between the puffs. 

Energy Cranberry is the blend of a sharp and fizzy energy drink taste and juicy cranberries, while the Malibu Colada is a real treat for those who appreciate tropical fruit like pineapple and delicious coconut. 

Where To Buy Original Whiff Vapes?

Well, this wasn’t an easy task as it is quite impossible to describe the taste with words, but we hopefully managed to provide some useful insight into what to expect with various Whiff editions. 

In case you are ready to give it a chance, we at ApVapeShop offer authentic and fresh Whiff disposable vapes that you can purchase right away easily and have them delivered to your address in the shortest time. Feel free to give our team a call in case you have more questions as we are standing at your service 24//!
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