Whiff Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs - What You Can Expect?

Whiff Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs - What You Can Expect?

The disposable vapes market is getting bigger by day, and we are always glad to present you with exciting new arrivals that are worth mentioning. One of those is certainly the new Whiff disposable vape made by Scott Storch that promises over 2000 puffs and unique flavors that will blow your mind and satisfy your high demands.

Primarily designed and manufactured to help those who wish to reduce or eliminate tobacco smoking habits, vaping with Whiff resembles the cigarette smoking experience as much as possible. Besides the powerful battery, premium-quality e-liquid, and the potent kick that you get at each draw, Whiff has an outstanding and attractive design that surely backs up the whole idea. 

If you wish to learn why so many vapers have already given Whiff disposables a chance and recognized it as a top-quality disposable that delivers what’s promised, we suggest you stay with us as we are going to tell you all you need to know about Whiff disposable vape 2000 puffs in the next lines. 

Unique Yet Practical Design 

Introducing a touch of originality into a disposable vape can sometimes complicate the device’s usage which is never a good thing. Still, Whiff is one of those disposables that is difficult to forget as soon as you see it since its uniqueness lies in its design and appearance.

It comes with a rounded shape that is comfortable to hold and ensures a secure grip thanks to the smooth coating over the device, while the color combinations are bold yet remain tasteful. This is great news for any serious vaper who wishes to possess a well-designed and expensive-looking disposable device. 

The colors correspond with the flavor, yet there are some interesting and mysterious titles behind the vape like New York which is red (could be the Big Apple?), or elegant black Unicorn. We’ll get to the flavors in a bit, but it is a fact that Whiff simply looks amazing. The light-up bottom design certainly adds up to the whole experience!

Added Comfortability – Angled Mouthpiece and Powerful Battery

As soon as you remove the plastic coating, you’ll notice how the mouthpiece looks slightly different than the rest. Even though it is wide like most of them are, it is more angled and narrowed down which is more conforming for the draw. The airflow is a bit loose which allows the flavor to hit more intensely, and the whistling sound that comes with it is more concrete than with similar devices. 

Now, the built-in 900mAh battery is one of the primary reasons why this disposable is so popular right now. Besides the fact that it ensures a user over 2000 puffs, the power range of 7W-12W is what keeps the flavor delivery consistent and smooth. The resistance of 1.0. ohm gives this device a “beginner-friendly” title as it promises a fine MTL vaping which excludes any throat irritation. Still, Whiff’s cloud production is satisfactory, so it suits those who like dense and rich clouds as well. 

Simplicity Of Usage Remains in Focus

Whiff might look a bit robust at the first glance, but in fact, it doesn’t weigh more than 40 grams. It is portable and fits easily in any pocket or purse, it is ideal to carry around wherever you go. There isn’t a single button included on the device, and all you need to do to start vaping is to take a draw. Once the battery is dead, you can simply throw away Whiff into the trash and select another edition to enjoy. 

Intense Nicotine Kick That Resembles the Cigarettes

Whiff comes with 6 ml of e-liquid, and it is pre filled and ready to use immediately. This is more than enough to last for the promised 2000 puffs, but the best thing is that the hit you get from Whiff due to the 50mg nicotine strength is just amazing. You could even prolong the vaping journey by taking fewer draws as each of them will keep you satisfied for longer. So, if you are looking for an efficient way to kick the tobacco smoking habit once for all, we are pretty sure that Whiff disposable vapes can help you with that. 

This brings us to the most exciting part which surely contributes to fighting the tobacco addiction – amazing and exciting flavor palette. 

Over 20 Flavor Options 

As the disposable market is as fierce as ever, presenting the vapers with some interesting flavors is a wise idea, yet providing them with a high-quality e-liquid is a must. Whiff did both and the results are impressive – more than 20 wonderful flavors that you’ll constantly come back to. 

Let’s start with the Unicorn – this utterly refreshing watermelon delight with a subtle minty finish has already become one of their ever-green editions. Ready to make your taste buds “dance” some passionate Tango? Well, Strawberry Tango promises exactly that as it is a perfect blend of sweet strawberry and rich-creamy tropical mango. New York is one of their distinctive editions as it offers the full flavor of ripened red apple, and even though this is a flavor that many of the disposables’ manufacturers couldn’t deliver the best way, Whiff did it. If you are ready for another tropical adventure, we suggest trying Malibu Colada and Mango Melon Ice

Now, for those who wish to try something slightly different and bold, Whiskey will amaze you with its taste as it comes to the original one as much as possible, and if you wish to sweeten up your day, Bubble Gum and Candyland will bring back the childhood memories. Traditional fruity and minty blends like Grape Ice or Banana Ice come with a clean fruit flavor and soft minty finish. 

Where To Buy Original Whiff Disposable Vape 2000 Puffs?

This is the important question that you need an honest answer to, as the market is overflown with the fake Whiffs due to their huge popularity. 

We at ApVapeShop offer nothing but authentic vaping products that get delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible, so purchase Whiff 2000 puffs today, and take all your senses on a delightful journey. 

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