Why Is Air Bar Diamond Among the Most Popular Disposable Vapes?

Why Is Air Bar Diamond Among the Most Popular Disposable Vapes?

Suorin is one of those vaping manufacturers that delivers what’s promised, and their Air Bar Diamond disposable vape certainly supports the claim. 

This attractive, powerful, and compact disposable device will take you on a vaping journey that you’ll regularly come back to, and the amazing flavor palette will surely allow you to find your favorite taste and enjoy at each draw. 

If you are looking for a device with a steady flavor delivery, interesting design, and affordable price, there is a great chance that the Air Bar Diamond will fit you just nicely. Ideal for vaping beginners and veterans, this disposable vape is recognized as one of the most popular devices of this sort in the market. Still, this is all just a tip of an iceberg as Suorin made sure to create an all-in-one disposable that will serve as a prototype for the upcoming editions. 

If you wish to learn more about Air Bar Diamond, we suggest you stay with us as we are going to dive deep into the characteristics that made it ever-green, and in case you want to purchase your original Air Bar Diamond and see for yourself what’s the fuss about, we at ApVapeShop offer great deals, reliable delivery and nothing but fresh and authentic vaping products. 

Small and Portable Yet Powerful and Technologically Flawless Disposable Vape

As always, Suorin made sure that the device’s design and functionality go hand in hand, so with Air Bar Diamond, you’ll have it all. 

Hardshell design gives the device a unique and clean appearance that will be welcomed by any serious vaper, but it also keeps the internal parts safe from debris and liquids. As it fits a pocket or a purse easily, you can carry it wherever you go, and the matte and non-slippery finish provides a solid grip. 

The device is draw-activated, so there aren’t any buttons included. All you need to do to start vaping is take a draw and enjoy the delicious and rich clouds that fill your mouth and nose. A slightly narrowed mouthpiece fits lips perfectly and a medium-tight airflow is perfect for an elegant vaping experience where you don’t need to inhale too deeply to get an intense kick. 

The device promises more than 500 puffs thanks to the integrated 380mAh battery, and it is perfect for all-day MTL vaping. Whether you are a cloud chaser or wish to indulge your nicotine cravings primarily, this device can do both. Equipped with the pod of 1.8ml e-liquid capacity of 50mg nicotine strength, you can rest assured that Air Bar Diamond disposable vape is a great tool for smooth transitioning from tobacco smoking to vaping. 

Air Bar Diamond’s Anti-Leak Technology and Extremely Rare Defect Rate  

Thanks to an originally developed anti-leak technology, Air Bar Diamond is one of the rarest defect rate disposable devices on the market. 

If you’ve ever experienced spills and leaks while vaping, you are well-familiar with how unpleasant this can be, but when it comes to internal leakages, they usually harm the device to the point where you can’t use it anymore. Each Air Bar Diamond has an anti-leak mechanism that keeps the e-liquid safely stored in the pod which prolongs the device’s life and provides safer vaping. 

A well-hidden and high-quality coil is another thing responsible for a steady and full flavor delivery from the beginning to the end of the device’s life cycle, and if you are worried whether there’ll be a harsh throat kick, you can rest assured that Suorin made sure to avoid it. 

Producing a rare-defect rate device is also beneficial for the environment as the manufacturer has better control over the used disposables and can successfully recycle the well-preserved parts for further production. As disposables are one of the most popular vaping devices nowadays, it is important to be conscious that piled-up and useless disposable waste is surely not a path a responsible manufacturer wishes to follow. 

Is Air Bar Diamond a Good Option for Beginners? Yes, it is!

You’ve probably made this conclusion already, but it is important to select an adequate device if you are ready to kick off your tobacco habit once for all. 

This disposable is as easy to use as it gets, there isn’t any maintenance included, and the rich flavor variety gives you a chance to enjoy vaping to the maximum. This is precisely what will keep you away from cigarettes, as you’ll discover a more enjoyable alternative that still ensures you the same rush and experience, just without the harmful effects. 

Therefore, this disposable device is one of the most preferred for those who wish to stop smoking which was the initial Suorin’s idea when they first introduced it to the market. 

22+ Amazing Flavors That Will Blow Your Mind

It is not easy to present more than a few original flavors in the already oversaturated disposable market, but this is precisely what Suorin did. 

Whether you like to experiment with bold fruity mixes (Watermelon Apple Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Strawberry, Shake Shake…), or prefer clean and simple single fruity editions (Peach, Mango), you’ll find your beloved disposable among the offer. 

On the other hand, introducing all-time favorites like Cherry Cola or Red Bull Ice was a wise idea as these are threatening to be forgotten and we surely don’t want it to happen. If you were wondering what taste hides behind a Love story disposable vape, a perfect blend of berries and grapes will certainly prepare you for a lovely vaping experience that will awaken all your senses. 

Finally, all their editions that include banana flavor (Banana Pineapple, Banana Ice, Banana Shake) are hot sellers as the delicious taste of fresh yet ripened bananas is adored by most of the vapers. 

As you can see, Suorin’s Air Bar Diamond has so much to offer yet it comes with an exceptionally reasonable price, so you can’t literally lose anything more than a few bucks to get a powerful and satisfying vaping experience that will indulge even the most spoiled taste buds. 

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