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VUSE Alto Menthol Pods Pack of 2 | Compatible with Vuse Alto

VUSE Alto Menthol Pods Pack of 2 | Compatible with Vuse Alto

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Introducing top-notch Vuse Alto Menthol Pods Pack of 2, perfectly designed for compatibility with the Vuse Alto Power Unit. Due to their simplicity of use, they are an ideal choice even for those who have never used this type of product before, but also for long-running vapers who are looking for top-notch pods.


Every element of the Vuse Alto Menthol Pods Pack of 2 has been intricately crafted to deliver an optimal vaping experience. From the carefully selected materials to the precision-engineered components, each pod is a testament to its dedication to quality. The non-refillable nature of these pods ensures a straightforward solution for vapers who prioritize simplicity without compromising on flavor or performance. Dive into the seamless integration of design and functionality as the streamlined contours of the pods enhance the overall user experience. 

By providing a clear view of the liquid level thanks to the transparent windows, users can accurately gauge when it's time for a replacement pod, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring a seamless vaping adventure. This thoughtful design feature not only enhances user satisfaction but also guarantees uninterrupted enjoyment, as users can promptly replace the pod when needed, keeping their vaping journey smooth and hassle-free.

Nicotine Strength:

The meticulously crafted nicotine strength choices within the Vuse Alto Menthol Pods extend a personalized vaping experience to every individual. Whether you savor the subtlety of a lower nicotine concentration or crave the invigorating kick of a higher level, these pods, proudly available at ApVapeShop, seamlessly adapt to your unique taste. The 18mg and 24mg options provide a gateway to refined flavors, while the 50mg option delivers intense satisfaction for those seeking a more pronounced and robust hit.

Regardless of your liking and habits, you will be able to choose a strength that works for you the best. Over time, you can even reduce the nicotine intake, while still being able to savor some luscious puffs. 


The generous e-juice capacity ensures that vapers can indulge in prolonged moments of satisfaction. With each pod holding 1.8mL of e-juice, vapers can immerse themselves in the rich and flavorful world of menthol, savoring the nuances of the premium blend for an extended period. There are approximately 300 puffs waiting for fans of vaping, and each one of them will be of the same intensity, courtesy of the high-quality ingredients that are being used for the production of this device. 

Flavor Profile:

The flavor of these pods is carefully designed to transport users into a world of refreshment and authenticity. They can enjoy the premium menthol experience as these meticulously crafted pods unleash the genuine essence of menthol with every exhilarating puff. With each draw, vapers will be welcomed with exceptional menthol aroma, and thanks to the ceramic wick coil, the overall flavor profile is going to be enhanced. 


  • Approx. ~ 300 Puffs
  • Pack Of 2 Pods
  • 3 Nicotine Strengths: 18mg, 24mg, and 50mg.
  • Pre-Filled 1.8mL
  • Vuse Alto Device Compatible
  • Ceramic Wick Coils 

Note: Vuse Alto Menthol Pods are not refillable.

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Severin

Great prices and super fast shipping...

Joanne Aboff
Great value & Service

The price for the Vuse Alto pods was good and the service quick and efficient.

Sarah Cohen
Delivery time and price

I’m so excited that I found this website.

Susan Adamson
Best price

This is the best price I have found. Smooth and doesn’t make me cough.

Jane Gallub
Great company

This is the best company. They get your order right and they are really fast on delivery

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