Vape Accessories

Vape Accessories

The vape accessories are usually not considered as the pure necessity for the vaping process, but no one can’t deny that they are incredibly fun and at the same time, have their unique purpose. Things like extra chargers and e-juice bottles are certainly convenient, and since vaping is becoming more of a lifestyle than an activity, having a bag or a fanny pack comes naturally. After all, these add-ons are created to enhance the whole vaping experience and they are usually affordable.

Accessories to Consider if You are a Beginner

If you are just starting, you’ve probably picked a nice vape starter kit that might have everything you require. The truth is that accessories like spare coils and batteries can save you a lot of nerves and time. If you are in the process of quitting the tobacco and transitioning to vaping, you certainly don’t want to be left high and dry just because you forgot to charge the device. Keeping these spare parts with you is a wise thing to do.

Having a portable e-juice bottle allows you to easily refill your tank wherever you are. Moreover, for those who like to experiment with flavors, you can mix your preferred ones and become the mastermind behind the most unique taste you’ve ever tried.

Invest in the Protective Accessories

If you picked a solid starter kit, your vape is certainly a durable and resistant piece of equipment. But risking dropping it on the ground and even worse, in the water is just not recommended and may cause some serious damage. Investing in a modern secured case or protective sleeve is therefore really appreciated, especially if you are having a long way ahead of you.

Another great asset to have is a silicone protective case for your vape device. Usually made from food-grade silicone material, these cases are environmentally friendly, but also not harmful to your health. A smooth surface ensures a more comfortable hand feeling while providing ultimately efficient protection against dust, water, or accidental drop. That’s how you will extend your vape’s lifespan and keep it clean at all times.

An Extra USB Charger - Powered by JUUL

No matter if your portable charger is experiencing some malfunctions or you simply forgot it at home, this tiny piece of equipment will keep your battery level being green anywhere. It’s compatible with the JUUL devices that come with the JUUL Starter Kit and others, so you don’t have to worry about them being without power.

As expected, this USB charger is simple to use, as all you need to do is plug the charger into the port and place the device on the magnetic charger. In about an hour, you will have a fully charged vape that is ready to serve you. Moreover, you can charge your vape from any MAC, PC, or device that has an integrated USB port.

Original JUUL devices are found only in the authorized stores and online shops, so choose a secure purchase and order your authentic JUUL USB Charger today.

E-juice - The Most Important Vape Accessory

You may think that e-liquid can’t be considered as an accessory but think twice. They directly determine your vaping experience and by switching to another flavor that’s more suitable for you in the present moment, you did yourself a great favor. Maybe you need more nicotine, or you want a touch of freshness with an icy Minty flavor? You know the drill.

Luckily, there is a vast offer of high-quality products that are ready to satisfy any vapor cravings. One of the top-rated e-juice and nicotine salts manufacturers is Juice Head. They are recognized for incredibly pleasant and bold fruity combinations that promise the most exciting vaping experience. Filled in unicorn bottles that contain child-resistant caps, these USA-made products are made of the finest ingredients. Their unique Freeze series with a cooling effect contains some of their most beloved flavors like Peach Pear Freeze, Strawberry Kiwi Freeze, or Watermelon Lime Freeze. If you are craving that powerful throat hit, you will love these e-juices.

Formerly part of USA Vape Lab E-Liquids and now exclusively part of NAKED, these premium e-juices are gladly selected by numerous passionate vapers. Hawaiian Pog Vape Juice is one of their best-selling products and once you try it for yourself, you will instantly understand why that is so. To tangle your senses a little bit, we will just say that there is passion fruit, orange and guava mixed all together.


Vape accessories will bring your vaping experience to the next level, no matter if you are a newbie or you have been vaping for quite some time. Whether you are buying a small case, battery or e-juice, you need to be sure that the products you are about to purchase are authentic. AP Vape Shop offers a wide selection of the highest-quality e-liquids, vape accessories, and devices, so feel free to visit our online store and get in touch with our customer support representatives anytime.

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