Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Why Is Vaping So Popular?

When the e-cigarettes or vapes were introduced to the United States back in 2006, it seemed that they were not going to last long. Then, there came the long and exhausting years of gaining governmental approval on one side and being awarded the trust of a growing network of supporters and regular consumers on the other. 

Now, after almost 15 years, vaping seems to be more popular than ever. No matter where you go, you can see the dense vaping clouds and scent the pleasant aromas. But vaping offers much more than that, even though enjoyment is a great part of it. Therefore, let us present you with the reasons for which so many people got to love the whole vaping experience. 

It Can Help You Quit Tobacco Smoking

No matter how hard quitting the nasty habit of tobacco smoking can seem, there is a way. In the US, there are over 38 million adults who actively smoke cigarettes, which is quite a lot. 

So, the first reason that the vape device of your choice can help you on this matter is that you will get to hold another cigarette-like apparatus. The thing is, our muscle memory of holding a cigarette is another reason why we have this urge to smoke one. 

Then, you can try out different nicotine strengths and possibly realize that you don’t even need it as badly as you thought. Finally, most of the vapers end up using nicotine-free e-juices where you get to fully enjoy the wonderful aromas and flavors. If you want to do yourself a favor and improve your overall health and well-being by quitting to smoke, we suggest you consider transitioning to vaping. After all, you get to choose everything – from amazing e -juices or salt-nics, to the myriad of disposable or long-lasting devices. 

Vaping is Odorless

Let’s face it – the cigarette odor is unpleasant and exceptionally strong. Vaping offers a different kind of story. First of all, it is all about enjoyment, so you’ll get to choose your favorite flavor accompanied by the fine scent that will bother no one around. 

Just picture it – you are on a date and have a strong desire for a cigarette, but instead, you can take a few quick draws from the vaping device, refresh your breath and feel satisfied. Well, it certainly sounds much better than carrying a tobacco odor wherever you go. 

You Get to Customize Everything

That is probably the best part of it all – vaping is simply exciting. The market offers incredible products, and all you need to do is take some time and expert advice to pick few possibly adequate solutions. 

There are a lot of high-quality vaping products that you can purchase for a reasonable price, and probably you should consider disposable vapes if you are a beginner. That is how you’ll get a glimpse of what’s vaping is all about and decide whether it’s your call. The vaping devices are usually quite small and portable, so you can get them everywhere you go.

When it comes to the e-liquid flavors, you simply need to try them out for yourself. From the classic ones like well-familiar refreshing Mint to more exotic combinations that promise a real flavor explosion in your mouth, you get to try all of it. Therefore, vaping can be personalized as much as you want it.

Vaping is Cost-friendly

It is simple math – once you purchase a vaping device of your choice, it can last for years. Even if you are more into disposables, you can have the more powerful ones that last up to a week. 

Initially, the most important thing is to purchase a quality and reputable product to ensure yourself a long-lasting vaping device. You’ll get to learn how to properly clean and maintain your vape, but the whole ritual requires just a few minutes of your time. Compared to what you get, it’s not a lot. 

We at AP Vape Shop are selective when it comes to the manufacturers of vaping products, so you can be sure that we offer just the top-quality vaping products. Additionally, we care for our customers and are generally huge fans of vaping, so at our store, you’ll always be amazed by the prices.

You are Looking for a Safe and Healthier Option? Try Vaping 

Firstly, the vapor is produced by heating, not burning, so there is a zero risk of fire. Did you ever fall asleep with a cigarette burning in your hands? With vapes, you can even do that without any hazard. 

When it comes to the vaping product ingredients, the manufacturers are transparent about it. The components you’ll usually find in the e-juices are propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and natural or artificial flavors. None of those can compare to the harmful effects of tar and carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke. 

No matter if you are transitioning from smoking or you are simply interested in vaping, feel free to ask our vaping experts at AP Vape Shop anything you want. As we offer the most unique and original vaping products, we strive to treat our customers the best way there is, and ensure you the vaping experience you deserve. 


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