Best Salt Nic for Summer 2021

Best Salt Nic for Summer 2021

Nicotine salts have been ruling the vaping industry for some time now. Thanks to the higher nicotine potency and overall elevated vaping experience that come with it, salt nics are a perfect choice for everyone who wishes to quit tobacco and get the most of the vaping habit. 

The nicotine strength in salt nic ranges from 20mg, which might be a great option to start with, to 50mg which is enough to satisfy even the most demanding vaper. Even though they have been introduced in the market a few years ago, the salt nics flavors selection was pretty modest and plain in the beginning. Luckily, the times have changed, and today, there are a lot of exciting and bold blends that will ensure you an amazing vaping journey. 

The refreshing effect that comes with the nic salts can go way beyond minty and fruity taste that we all enjoy very much. Nowadays, you have an opportunity to be as adventurous as you please with the e-liquid flavors since the most recognized manufacturers made sure to present you with unforgettable nic salts for the ongoing summer season. We did our part too and created the list of the finest nic salts for summer 2021 that will keep you refreshed and chill, no matter how high the temperature gets. 

SaltBae50 Summer Collection

There is absolutely no way around this premium-quality manufacturer who blessed us with more than 10 amazing nic salts for summer 2021. Who doesn’t love lemonade on hot summer days? It’s your call - Blue Raspberry Lemonade is a combination that will not disappoint, while its ICED option is for those who seek that subtle minty aftertaste. 

Is there a better way to get us in the tropical mood than a sweet and juicy mango aroma? Red Mango SaltBae will most definitely do the job since it is one of the most preferred salt nics for summer 2021 already. And now, a mouthwatering summer delicacy that we all love thanks to its low-calories – a watermelon. Saltbae did a great job with their latest ICED Juicy Watermelon nic salts which promise both tasty and refreshing vapor. 

Naked Nic Salts and their Tropical Fruit Flavor Selection

Mango has one of the most beloved summer fruits with its creamy and intense yet invigorating flavor. This is why Naked Mango deserves its place on our nic salts for the summer 2021 list. 

There is more – Melon and Melon Kiwi nic salts are one of their most adored summer editions too. Mild melon taste with the pineapple scent which comes after the first sweet kick resembles the delicious cocktail which you would gladly take to cool down by the beach. The best thing is that you can experience something similar while waiting at the metro station with the coffee-to-go. 

Up for a real tropical medley? We got you covered with Naked’s incredibly fun Maui Sun with the pineapple, orange, and tangerine dominance. There is also Berry (Very Cool) for next season 2022. And if you prefer the good old tobacco flavor there is always Cuban Blend salt nic.

Solace Vapor Nic Salts for Summer 2021

Award-winning and globally recognized Solace nic salts are carefully crafted with the finest ingredients by a team that genuinely strives for flavor perfection. For numerous berry lovers out there, their Strawberry Blast nic salts with 50mg of nicotine strength is a must-try. Tropical Freeze comes with the combination of crisp apple and juicy watermelon with the mild menthol hit, while the Seasalt Blueberry offers a mix of saltwater taffy and brisk blueberry. 

Prepare for Juice Head Fruity Adventure

Juice Head e-liquids have justifiably been the hottest sellers from the moment they launched their basic flavor selection, but with the latest nic salts for summer 2021 editions, they amazed us even more. Up for a delicious Peach Pear blend that’s sweet and crisp at the same time? Or you always wondered what goes well with the grapefruit and you simply can’t wait to find out? Try Pineapple Grapefruit salt nic and learn why this bold flavor is one of the most purchased salt nics in summer 2021. 

The honorable mention must go to Juice Head’s Watermelon Lime Salt Nic, Blueberry Lemon, and Strawberry Acai Salt Nic, as well as Strawberry Kiwi. It is like the Juice Head is continuously inspired by the wonderful summer fruity treats. 

What Is So Exciting about the VGOD Summer Nic Salts? 

Besides the fact that VGOD is recognized for producing one of the highest-quality and most satisfying nic salts right now, they made sure to spice it all up with the sliced and sprinkled sweet and sour sugar crystals. Their Bomb salt nics series include legendary Iced Mango, Iced Berry, Iced Apple, and of course, Iced Purple nic salts. Each comes with a mild tingling sensation thanks to the minty notes, but the most exciting part is the rush of sugary twists. These are the real summer 2021 nic salts jewels and you should pick a few while they are still here. 

Our Ap Vape Shop team offers more than plain customer support – we truly want to elevate your vaping experience to the highest level. This is why we offer only superb and original nic salts that come with a great price and an authenticity guarantee. Ready to try out some of the best nic salts for summer 2021? 

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